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the wrong smith girl

Jan 18th @ 3:39pm EST

They broke up on the train.

Trains push his memories to the surface. All the trips into the country as a child. All the trees passing by, leaves changing to red and gold.

The city fades fast, faster then you can imagine. It is so small compared to the stretches of country to the Jersey Shore, to Upstate, to Boston and Maryland and DC.

Looking at Maggie, he could see her fighting her childhood memories. At least he wanted to think she was fighting them, hoping they were there to be fought. She had her nose in a notebook, making a list of things to do.

They were going to Maggie's parents' house because Maggie's father was sick. He had a heart attack, but it looked like he was going to be alright. She had a big Irish family and it was expected that a good daughter would come home in a time like this. So Maggie and her boyfriend Jack got on a train from New York to Virginia.

Maggie and Jack had been living together for three years. They had been dating for four and known each other since college six years ago. She was going for her BA in Fine Arts and he was going for his Masters in English back then.

She had their life planned out. She had a good steady job and he did freelance work. They had a nice apartment, which he loved, but she wanted to move out to the country soon. She wanted to get married, but he hadn't asked her yet. She had plans and he wasn't playing along. She didn't break up with him because she had already put too much time into him. He didn't break up with her because he was lazy and didn't like confrontation.

There was something about the trip that started pushing Jack's buttons from the start. They were taking the train out to her parents' house and there was this air of expectance. She expected him to go, to be excited, to ask her to marry him, to want kids, to want a better job... but none of that was going to happen and both of them were starting to realize it.

A third of the way there after arguing over signing another lease for the apartment she said "If you don't want to grow as a couple then maybe we should just break up."

It wasn't a threat, it was something that people said in the heat of the moment, but it just pushed Jack over the edge.

"Yeah. We should. This relationship is a joke. You don't love me; you just need someone to help you afford a mortgage."

And she cracked. She cried. There was no putting things back together.

For the next hour they agreed on things. Jack would be nice for the three day weekend with Maggie's parents. They would take care of the breakup when they got back. And then like a switch when they got to their stop Maggie fixed her makeup and was back to herself.


They entered the big old house just after 4pm. It was an old southern house with white pillars outside and a big porch and a huge white door.

They entered to find silence and emptiness. Walking up the staircase they came to a long hall. Pictures hung along the walls, old school pictures of Maggie and her sisters Molly and Megan. Three smiling girls with white skin and black hair and matching skirts and sweaters. Three princesses at Halloween. Three girls on horses.

Jack followed Maggie as she navigated pass a dozen doors and finally found her old room. Jack was a stranger in this place. He was not a Smith.

Maggie's room was white walled, filled with 2-foot boxes in one corner, an uncomfortable looking bed made up with yellow sheets and a pink and yellow quilt. One wall was all white bookshelves, but they were only a quarter filled. On one wall hung a large framed sketch of Maggie. He remembered her sitting in front of the mirror, sketching herself for her final project in still life, back in college.

In that frame was Maggie, the girl. Quiet in class, but boisterous when she was excited. Level headed, list making, but deep down an artist. Deep down filled with the same curiosity that Jack was filled with. Curiosity about books, history, art... and sex. The more he remembered their college years the more he realized that the Maggie he knew was gone.

When did she start longing for mediocre satisfaction? When did she stop needing to explore and started needing a bigger house, a better job, some mythical security she constantly talked about. When did she put her paints and her charcoal and her pads and canvas in her parents' basement to go untouched?

The same time she started thinking of sex as a duty and rolling her eyes at the mere mention of sexual adventure. Sex was just relieving them both of some energy or maybe a way for her to get him to leave her alone so she could get enough sleep to wake up at 5 in the morning to jog.

She sighed and put her bags down.

"Listen, you can stay here. I will go to the hospital. Then everyone will come back for dinner. I know you don't want to be here... but let's just do this and then we can get back and..." she just trailed off. A horn honked outside and she looked out the window.

"That's my aunt. Unpack, ok?"

Jack nodded. "I like your family. This weekend will be fine. Go check on your father, make sure he is alright."

She looked at him, unsure if a hug was still ok. Then she just turned around and left.


He unpacked, he looked around. He ended up on the bed, drifting off into a nap. The train ride, the fight, all of it melted away.

When he awoke in darkness. He could hear people downstairs and smell the warm homey smells of chicken and potatoes.

He saw movement, the door opened and closed.

"Hey. You ok? Sorry I fell asleep... the fight and everything..."

"I don't think your talking to the right Smith girl, mister."

The light came on and that's when he found out Maggie's little sister grew up.

She was Maggie, but different. Shorter, but only slightly. Bustier, a little more hip, a little more ass. Same nose, same ears, fuller lips. Her eyes were blue, while Maggie's where green.


"That's me."

The last time he saw her it was about four years ago, she had just turned fifteen. Sitting up fully he couldn't quiet comprehend that it was the same person. Molly the Mole, skinned knee tomboy who made gagging sounds if she saw him kissing her sister.

The first thing he noticed was a red and black nautical star tattoo between her neck and her breasts, half hidden by her white cotton tank top. Half perfect black and red ink on her white skin, half dark shadow under the thin cotton.

"Nice ink."

She squirmed under his eyes. "Thanks." Her arms came up and she folded them over her breasts. She was trying not to smile.

"So you two having a fight?"

"Um. No. Not really. Just an argument. Sort of." He knew he had to look away from her, but he couldn't. It was like looking at all the missing parts of Maggie, melted into a younger curvier tighter form. He walked over to the window and looked out at the greens and the grays.

She came into the room and walked to the bookshelf, looking at the remaining books, letting her finger drift over the spines.

"I was wondering what you would look like now," she said. He could hear the smile in her voice.

"Oh? Do I look different?"

He looked over to her and she nodded. "You look old, but basically the same. You look better with your hair short. Your hair looked pretty dumb long. Plus those glasses are better, the dark frames. You're still ugly, though." There was the smile, the wicked brat smile. In those eyes was pure curiosity.

"I always thought you had
a crush on me."

She let out a laugh, but she blushed.

"You wish." she said, but eyed him and smiled.

He looked at her from the side now. It was like a lecture on the effects of puberty. At fifteen she was all legs and arms and wild nervous energy. At nineteen she was all hips and tits and calm sultry sex.

He noticed other tattoos, one on her wrist, this one just a black star. He could see the shadow of something on her back, it was large and not one of those little designs girls get right at their tailbone, this was long and it came up from around her butt to the middle of her back.

He stood up and moved closer to her, slowly and she tensed. She was still facing the books, pretending not to be curious about what he was going to do next. He walked behind her, moved closer until he was two feet away. He looked at the books, he looked at her neck, he looked at her eye as she turned her head to look at him.

"You got a tattoo on your back, too?"

She nodded, still facing her body away from him, but looking at him from over her shoulder.

He moved in and put his hands on her waist. She froze. He touched the edges of her thin shirt.

"Can I see?"

She swallowed and nodded. Their eyes met. Curiosity, lust.

He pulled up her shirt slowly and saw that there where two jet black f-hole, like the ones on a violin or cello. It was a lot of ink, a lot of time. He touched the edge of it and he could feel raised scarred skin.

Her back was smooth and her ass curved out from just below his hand.

"Wow. You got all this done in the last year?"

She moved forward, pulling her shirt out of his grip.

"Yeah. I was dating a tattoo artist for a while."

He took her hand and looked at the tattoo on her wrist.

"Did they hurt?"

She smile. "That's the best part."

A voice from downstairs said "Kids... dinner."


Dinner was huge and southern. Jack had forgotten that people ate like that. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes, greens and a million other things. Everyone was so busy catching up with Maggie and Molly, who had been off at Art School and also with Maggie's older sister who had just had twins that no one really bothered talking to Jack, which was just the way he liked it.

Molly watched him though. Watched him like a cat watches a bird. It was a very different look then the fifteen year old awkward kid gave him four years ago.

When it was over Maggie said goodnight to all and went upstairs with Jack, got undressed without looking at him and then went to bed.

Jack laid there, uncomfortable because of the small bed and not really wanting to be too close to Maggie. He found himself thinking of Molly every time he closed his eyes. The way she looked in that white tank top, tough and sexy. He wanted to know what those tattoos looked like up close. What it felt like to trace them with his tongue.

Thoughts like that and the moonlight coming in from the window kept him up half the night. It seemed like only minutes, but the next time he opened his eyes it was morning. He awoke to feel the familiar sensation of Maggie next to him. He had turned around to face her in the night and now he was spooning her, with his arm around her.

She felt warm, she smelt good. Her ass against him made him stir inside. Without really realizing, his hand came up to cup her breast. It was such a natural thing.

She sighed and pushes his arm away.

"Yeah, right." She said with disgust.

She sat up and climbed over him.

"Go back to bed, I'm taking a shower. Everyone is going to go to church in an hour. I know you don't want to do that, so I'll probably see you at lunch."

She looked him in the eyes.

"Shave, ok?"

He nodded. He was still hard under the warm sheets. Memories, warm blanket comfort and the smell of her hair on the pillow made his mind swim. If he just relaxed he could fall back asleep. And then there was nothing.


He awoke to the sound of the door closing.

The room was too bright, the sun coming in through the half opened curtains. He was groggy, as only waking up from oversleeping can make you. The room was a dull white blur, then the blinds were closed and the curtains pulled shut so that the light filtered through the rust colored fabric, making the room dull yellow and red.

Then Maggie slipped into bed. Her arms around him, her lips on his neck. He pushed her hair back and kissed her. Her lips felt soft, there was some sweet lip gloss... and then he opened his eyes wider and saw who was really in bed with him.

There was Molly. There was Molly in her white tank top.

"Hello mister bedhead."

He tried to comprehend what was going on.

Then Molly's lips are on his again and he got the rush of the taste of a new mouth. Then Molly, squirming and turning around, and her soft round ass is against him. His arms are around her and they're spooning. His mouth is on her neck and his hands are on her hips.

It is an interesting thing when you are so used to one person's body, your hands remember where to go on them, your body understands how you are supposed to fit together, but now he was lost in this new geography. Her lips were too hot and soft, her kisses were too rough, her breasts too big, too heavy, too perfect.

Her hips flared out, giving him something to really hold on to when he pulled her against him. Her ass was soft and cool and when he hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties and pulled them down, he slipped right between her cheeks and it was perfection.


She moved her head back as he moved forward and he was lost in her kiss again. She arched her whole body against him and her lips were on his ear, sucking, then biting, then whispering.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

Jack grunted and pulled at her hips roughly. His cock touching wetness and heat as it rubbed between her legs.

"You have to say it. I like to hear it."

Her voice was steady, but wanton. It was new, not the silent simple sex Jack was used to. Jack liked this.

"Damn," he groaned into her neck. "I want to fuck you... so badly."

His hand squeezed her breast once more and then moved down to between her legs. He groaned again when he felt smoothness where he expected coarse hair. Then his fingers felt wet heat. Silk softness, perfect folds that made him growl.

As his finger passed over her lips and one finger slipped into her she pushed her ass back against him.

"I want you to go down on me." She gasped, pushing his hand away and laying on her back.

Jack looked down at her, her face was red and a red blush ran down her neck and on her chest where his unshaven face rubbed against her. He went to push her shirt off, but instead smiled.

"Take off your shirt. I want to see your tits."

She smiled wickedly and pulled off her shirt and then unhooked her bra and took that off.

He saw that red and black star on her chest and lower down another tattoo... a heart on fire with a gold crown above it, right over her heart.

He moved until he was kneeling between her open legs, then he moved down and kissed her neck again, then traced his tongue around the slightly raised thick black lines of each tattoo on her chest. She arched her hips and her breath caught.

He kissed down her chest and stomach until he got between her legs. By now she was growling and purring.

One lick and he was addicted. Her body moved like a snake as he licked at her and she whined and gasped.

"More.. fuck. Make me come."

He licked her lips teasing and bit the tight skin of her thigh, then he moved in circling her clit and flicking it and he moved one hand up to slip one finger into her.
r />That was all it took. Fucking her with his finger and licking her made her body buck and made her grab the pillow behind her and squeeze it as she came hard.

Jack sat up, watching her come down from her amazing orgasm. He had never seen a woman come that hard. Maggie took a half an hour of work.. sometimes even a vibrator.

She smiled and looked into his eyes and then turned to look at the clock.

"Fuck, we only have 20 more minutes..."

She pushed him away and stood up, looking at him wickedly.

"I guess I got to make you come fast... stand up."

He did and she kissed him hard, licking his bottom lip and tasting herself on him.

"What gets you off? You want to fuck me from behind? Want me to get on top and ride you? I want to make you get off hard." She said all these things into his ear as she reached down and gripped his cock tightly.

Really, he didn't even know. He was so used to getting what ever sad sex Maggie would give him he didn't know what he really want. He had never been with someone so forward.

"You like that this is dirty? That my sister could come home any minute?" She whispered, jerking him off.

He gasped.

"You like that I am fucking 10 years younger then you?"

He grunted.

"You want me to be a little girl for you? I can bend over and you can fuck me?"

She turned in a flash and kneeled down, taking the head of his cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked around the head. Then she sucked half of his cock.

"Fuck yes."

All thought disappeared. She broke every rule her sister set in bed. She was like a wet, writhing, perfect id of sex.

She stood up and then leaned over the bed, sticking her ass up in the air.

"Come on... fuck me... fuck me... fuck your little slut"

And then he was looking down at her back with the tattoos that looked like a cello and she was groaning and then he was inside of her. And it was tight wet perfection.

"Fuck me." She whispered it over and over, like a mantra.

It took seconds for him to come. It was the most violent, mind numbing, powerful orgasm he could remember. He almost fell down, his knees went so weak.

He collapsed on the bed, hardly aware that she had laid down and started fingering herself.


Jack turned and weakly kissed her nipple, wanting her to get off one more time.

"Bite it hard." She begged.

He bit it, reaching up and squeezing her other tit. Then he moved up to her ear and whispered.

"Come for me..."

And she came, loud against him.

And that's when the door opened.


Christmas in Medellin , Colombia.

Dec 22nd @ 7:49pm EST

In Medellin, Colombia, Christmas seems to be all about the lights. By the first of December, they're draped everywhere --on palm trees, pine trees, lampposts, doorways, highway signs, shop entrances, and park benches.

Driving into the city is like entering a fairy land. Parque Poblado is ablaze with swaying strings of white lights. The Rio Medellin, a river that cuts through the center of the city, is lined with elaborate lighted Christmas scenes including reindeer, elves, angels, and gingerbread houses every December and January. These scenes take weeks to erect, continue for miles, and attract tourists to the city from all over the world. This city's annual Christmas Festival of Lights is something to see.Medellin is also noteworthy for another reason: It is emerging as a top retirement haven. I've been spending time in Medellin for two and a half years, traveling to the city regularly from my home base in Panama City, Panama. Arriving at Medellin's international airport for each visit, it is clear that I've left Central America behind. The differences between this continent and the one just to the north are striking. The Euro-undertones in Medellin are strong, from the way the women dress to the way people greet you in passing on the street.

Medellin is reminiscent of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with its annual International Tango Festival, Botero Museum, downtown shopping areas, antique shops, and arts and literary history. But Medellin, which has a population of about 3.5 million, is more manageable than Buenos Aires, which is home to about 15 million people. Medellin is easier to navigate, cleaner, and safer.

Medellin makes a good impression immediately and on many levels. Architecturally, this city is lovely. Built almost entirely of red brick, with most every structure topped by a red clay tile roof, the place is pleasing in its consistency. When viewed from any point on the surrounding hillsides, Medellin appears as a sea of red clay tiles and red brick buildings interspersed regularly by swatches of foliage and flowers. The effect is calming and peaceful.

Another thing you'll notice immediately upon arrival in Medellin is that this city is nowhere near as scary as you might have expected. As every local resident I've spoken with has explained, the drug wars are history, not a current reality. I'm sure some drug trade continues, as it does in every city of any size anywhere in the world, but this is no longer a defining part of Medellin. Far from intimidating, the people of Medellin are friendly, helpful, and hospitable.
Medellin is impressively green, with trees, plants, and small gardens everywhere, and remarkably clean. In the central neighborhoods, you see no litter. The metro, a point of pride for the local population, is spotless and like new.

Medellin is a pretty, leafy city that is safe, peaceful, and welcoming. But would this city with such a troubled past be an appealing place to plan to spend time in your retirement? I was won over by both the face and the spirit of Medellin within 48 hours of my first visit and have become more infatuated with what this city has to offer with every subsequent visit over the past two years. I'd say that this would be one of the best places in the world to think about settling down for retirement.

One big plus for retirees is the climate, which is temperate year-round. As it's situated on the side of a mountain, the altitude of Medellin ascends from around 1,500 meters to 1,800 meters. The surrounding mountains rise to more than 2,500 meters. Temperatures range from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medellin is culturally and recreationally rich and diverse. Living here, you'd never want for something fun and interesting to do. On any given day, you could go hiking or bike riding. You could visit a museum or one of the many shopping malls. You could see a tango show or an opera (in season). Come evening, you could dance the night away (tango is a national pastime) and sample the local rum in one of the bawdy nightclubs or enjoy a fine meal and white-glove service at one of the many international-standard restaurants.

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia and known as a major industrial center for the country. The main products are textiles, coffee, and flowers. But it is also a city of parks and flowers, with interactive outdoor museum-parks, an aquarium, delightful botanical gardens, a planetarium, a barefoot park with a Zen garden, and dozens of small parks and treed plazas that are well-tended and manicured. At every turn, this city begs you to come outside and enjoy what it has to offer.

The city is also a literary and an artistic hub. It's the base for newspapers, radio networks, and publishing houses. Major events include an annual poetry festival, an international jazz festival, an international tango festival, and an annual book fair. Back in 1971, Medellin was even the venue for Colombia's answer to Woodstock, the Festival de Ancon.

Medical care in Colombia is not only of international standard but also very affordable. Costs for procedures in this country can be 30 percent to 90 percent less than for comparable procedures performed Stateside. Medellin is expanding its reputation for medical tourism, especially for cosmetic treatments, dentistry, and eye surgery. The city's Healthcare Cluster, a public-private partnership between the municipality of Medellin and the Chamber of Commerce, has set exceptionally high requirements for applicants seeking membership, improving quality standards in the city even further. Medellin's five hospitals are ranked among the best 35 in all of Latin America.

Medellin offers good local health insurance options for resident retirees. The market leaders nationwide are Suramericana and Liberty Seguros, which provide coverage for people up to 60 years of age at the time of application. Colsanitas and Coomeva are other great options. Premiums vary depending on age and type of coverage, but you can expect to pay as little as $70 to $150 per month.

Perhaps the biggest reason to put Medellin near the top of your list of potential retirement spots is the cost. A retiree could live well here on $1,000 to $1,500 a month, depending on the exchange rate between the Colombian peso and the U.S. dollar. You could live on even less if you're willing to go completely local. Of course, you could certainly spend more if you wanted to. One of the appealing things about Medellin is that this is a place where a truly luxury-level lifestyle is available if you're interested in pursuing and paying for it.

One notable cost savings living in Medellin is utility expenses. Thanks to the climate, you could live here with neither heating nor air conditioning, meaning your utility costs could be almost negligible. This could reduce your overall monthly budget by $200 or more.

However, the real cost advantage of Medellin has to do with real estate. This city's property market is a bargain. El Poblado is the top end of the market, for both renting and buying. Here you're looking at $1,000 to $1,500 per square meter to purchase resale (sometimes furnished) and $1,500 to $2,000 per square meter to buy new. You could also rent a furnished apartment for as little as $1,000 per month for a one-bedroom to maybe $3,000 for a luxury-level penthouse. And that's the top of the market.
In other neighborhoods those prices can fall in half or lower. For example, you could rent a one-bedroom apartment in the Laureles neighborhood for as little as 850,000 pesos a month, maybe less. At the current exchange rate, that's about $450. This less discovered neighborhood that is safe and pleasant is a very good budget choice compared with more central and more discovered El Poblado. And in the Florida Nueva neighborhood, you could rent a two-bedroom apartment for 650,000 pesos a month, or about $350.

The current cost of renting or of investing in your own second or retirement home in this city is an absolute bargain. Bundle this with the quality of life, and you will understand why Medellin is emerging as one of the world's top retirement havens.

Mi amigo el depravado.

Dec 10th @ 8:02pm EST

Al cabo de dos semanas después de haber cargado y restregado por primera vez en su verga a su ahijadita Karen de todas las formas imaginables, la pequeña culoncita parecía ignorar que estaba siendo utilizada sexualmente, pero eso a ella en su inocencia le gustaba, Don Jorge había podido lograr lo que muchos hombres desearían (su mas grande placer, tener a una niña tan pequeña y tan rica como Karen haciéndole gozar a placer como nunca, un verdadero juguete sexual), todos los días andaba como un toro tan solo de recordar y pensar en aquella niña y no era para menos, se encerraba con la niña cada tarde en su habitación por varias horas desahogándose en grandes venidas de semen en el cuerpecito de Karencita que tanto lo enloquecía y sobretodo lo que mas adoraba su hermoso, parado y frondoso trasero de mujer en el cuerpo de una niña, mientras su mama abuela doña Juanita trabajaba limpiando casas para darle de comer.

Siendo el lunes don Jorge planeó que ese sería el día que haría mujercita a esa dulce y tierna nena de 7 añitos, la penetraría por primera vez y quería gozar al máximo de la linda escolar de linda y fina cara, con tersa piel canela en todo su cuerpecito, ese día la niña llego después del colegio y se puso su excitante y ya común faldita de delgadas telas que excitaba tanto a don Jorge porque el saber que ocultaban secretos y vivencias sucias entre él un hombre maduro y una niña de primero de primaria que estaba siendo pervertida era mas que excitante, era el caos.

Ese día don Jorge en la fabrica andaba ansioso, esperando la hora de salida y llegar a "jugar" con su pequeña ahijada, que ya lo esperaba en su casa después del colegio ansiosa de ser tocada y divertida por su maduro padrino.

Cuando llego tan solo pensar en como la penetraría traía la verga a mas no poder, cuando entró a su casa, su esposa preparaba la comida, la niña lo recibió con un fuerte abrazo y beso en la boca, el la cargo y la llevo con su madrina donde preparaba la comida, ese día le dijo a su esposa que podría tomar la tarde libre que se quedaría en casa con Karen, que no traía hambre, al menos de comida, porque de comerse a la niña traía bastante.

Su esposa ante lo cariñoso que se comportaba con la niña sospechaba de sus sucias intenciones con la niña y le dijo: Jorge te has enamorado de Karen como si fuera tu verdadera nieta, la llevas a todas partes y ella esta cada vez mas "pegada" a ti, te busca y te quiere mucho, quiere estar a solas contigo siempre ¿verdad Karen?

-Si madrinita, yo quiero mucho a mi padrinito, porque el juega conmigo y me hace cosquillas, además me carga y me hace vueltas y me gusta estar con el. Dijo la dulce voz de la niña, tan tierna e inocente, de verdad que la niña era inocente e ignorante de lo que su padrino abusivo le hacia con su vergota, manos y boca en su tierno e imberbe cuerpo de nena, pero cada vez que estaba a solas con el a ella le encantaba sentirse amada.

-Ok, pues los dejo para que se pongan a "jugar", yo voy a visitar a mis amigas, regreso tarde no se preocupen, tienen el campo libre, dijo la señora preparándose para irse, sabiendo el tipo de persona que era su esposo y sabiendo que seguramente el abusaba de la niña a ella no le importó porque pensaba: "tremenda mocosa, si a la niña le gusta la verga desde chiquita y es una putita igual que su madre que se la cojan, que se la coja mi esposo que es un cabrón en la cama" , ella seria compinche con los actos degenerados de su esposo al permitirle quedarse con la niña tanto tiempo a solas, eso a ella también le excitaba, que siendo tan chiquita la nena la penetrara su esposo con esa verga tan grande que tenía, y mejor aun sabiendo que era su ahijadita dejaría que su esposo le enseñara los placeres del sexo a esa tierna niña, ya que cada noche ella recibía su premio, don Jorge desde la llegada de la niña andaba mas fogoso con ella.

Don Jorge no espero mas y se subió con la niña en sus brazos como novia en luna de miel a su lecho de amor, durante el traslado empezó como siempre a acariciar sus tersas y lindas piernas, empezando a recorrerlas con lentitud para llegar después al nacimiento de sus enormes y carnosos cachetes que tenia por culo, la besaba con pasión y la niña le respondía golosa, al parecer el estar restregando todos los días la verga en la niña había hecho que sus nalgas se pusieran mas gorditas y abiertas y sus caderitas mas cerradas y curveadas.

Cuando don Jorge llego a la habitación cerró con llave el cuarto como siempre lo hacia y se dispuso a preparar a la niña, le dijo que ahora jugarían al balero, la niña pregunto de que se trataba dicho juego, el le dijo que este juego se trataba de que los dos deberían de quedar unidos por sus cuerpos como un balero, que el la cargaría y ella se quedara ensartada como el juego, la niña no sabia de que hablaba nunca había escuchado de ese juego, don Jorge para ello saco de un baúl un viejo balero y le enseño a jugarlo y le explico la mecánica del juego que era ensartar el balero de madera en el palo, sacarlo y volverlo a hacer hasta dominarlo, durante unos minutos la niña le pareció divertido, pero su pericia era nula, por lo que le dijo a su padrino: ¿no voy a poder jugar ese juego señor Jorge, yo no sepo como se mete ese palo en el balero, como vamos a jugar?

-Mira Karen, ese es un ejemplo, tu y yo vamos a jugar al balero pero tu vas a ser el balero y yo el palito, tu no vas a tener que meter nada, solo me dejas que yo te haga vas a ver que esta bien bonito ese juego, ¿que dices, jugamos?

- Si padrino porque yo soy chiquita y mejor usted me enseña. Agarrándose sus manitas con cierto nerviosismo.

Don Jorge no espero más tiempo y le dijo: Mi bebita, debo quitarte tu calzoncito y tú playerita para que no se ensucie, solo debes quedarte en faldita y yo también debo jugar con un short solamente porque este juego así es, así que espérame aquí mientras me cambio y tú vete quitando tus calzoncitos, ok mi vida?

-Si señor Jorge, ¿solo me quito mi choncito?

- Si mi amor, ahorita regreso y te quito tu playera, entró al baño se saco los pantalones de trabajo se puso un short flojo sin calzón y libero su vergota bien parada esperando penetrar la virgen panochita de la niña.

Salio del baño y lentamente se acerco a la niña, parecía tan impaciente y deseosa de jugar el juego del balero con su padrino, entonces la abrazo lentamente y la cargo entre sus brazos le dijo vamos a jugar ahora ya mi amor pero primero debemos preparar al palito para que resbale y entre en tu balerito, así que deja te doy un poco de vueltas y empezamos a jugar bebe.

- Si padrino ya quiero jugar mucho.

El señor Jorge nuevamente la volteo y con la cabeza bien gorda de su verga que ya empezaba a soltar el liquido y poniéndose bien babosa empezó con el vaivén metiéndole su gruesa verga entre las nalgas de la niña muy suavemente, enterrándosela en la profunda brecha de su tierno culo de nena y disfrutando del calor de sus glúteos y el tope de su lindo y cerrado ano, nuevamente la niña en sus sensaciones de placer infantil y deseo de diversión no se daba cuenta que estaba siendo iniciada en el sexo a tan infantil edad.

El juego del balero había comenzado y la niña seria penetrada en su panochita por la larga y gruesa macana de don Jorge, afortunado viejo que había encontrado la fortuna sin pedirla, después de pasarle la verga por el culo llegando a su tierno ano, la coloco en la cama parando ese lindo trasero y le mamo su anito saboreando ese olor y sabor a mierdita que le daba la niña, le dio ricos lengüetazos desde el nacimiento de su lampiña rajita hasta su lindo ano durante algunos minutos y después de estar bien embadurnada de sus jugos mezclados con las babitas de la panocha de la niña le dijo que era tiempo de ensartar el balerito en el palo, la niña se emociono y fue entonces cuando le quito por primera vez su playerita y vio su pechito plano con unas pequeñas protuberancias que tenia por tetitas, don Jorge la levanto y se fue a sentar a un buró donde levanto de frente a la pequeña, le abrió sus gordas y ricas piernitas levantando su faldita y la fue bajando sobre su verga venosa rozando en cada movimiento su cerrada y virginal panochita, la niña no entendía de que se trataría pero don Jorge le dejo prontamente saberlo, empezó a presionar su fierro en la entrada de la niña, ella empezó a quejarse: me duele padrino!, mi vida solo es al principio una vez que entre el palito podremos jugar bien lindo con tu balerito y yo con mi palito, la niña se tranquilizo, la verga empezaba a entrar entre los brillosos labios sin pelitos de la panochita de la niña que estaban empapados del lagrimeo de su verga, después de seguir insistiendo sus labios se abrieron y abrazaban con fuerza la cabezota del tolete del señor Jorge, el sentía que se venia pero sabia que debía disfrutar al máximo esa ocasión.

Cuando la cabeza hubo entrado toda la empezó a besar con locura, a chupar sus labios y lengua de la niña, ella respondía de maravilla, le gustaba besar y aprendía muy rápido, sus lenguas serpenteaban y el bramaba de tanta excitación, al paso del los minutos su pequeña rajita empezaba a ceder ante el intruso bestial que tenia incrustado, una cuarta parte de su verga entró y un hilillo de sangre empezó a salir y mezclarse con los líquidos de su verga, el himen había sido roto, la niña ya no era mas virgen, a sus 7 tiernos años era penetrada por una verga enorme de un hombre de 57 años en su imberbe y tierna panochita que atrapaba y retenía esa vergota con mucha fuerza como para no dejarla salir jamás, dio un pequeño brinco y gesto de dolor, había empezado un viaje sin retorno, don Jorge la había hecho mujercita, se quito su playera mostrando su pecho desnudo lleno de vellos canosos, a la niña le gustaron y acariciaba su vellosidad del pecho del hombre maduro con sus manitas pequeñas e infantiles, mas que perversa era la imagen que guardaban aquellos cuerpos, mientras el la besaba locamente enredando su lengua en la de la pequeña Karen que se dejaba hacer el amor.

Ya con la gruesa verga de 25 cm. clavada a la mitad, don Jorge no creía como esa cerrada y apretada panochita lampiña de la chiquilla de 7 años pudiera recibir semejante animal en su cuerpecito, ya que quedaba abierta groseramente por su tolete de fuego abrazando su hombría con tanta presión, el estaba partiéndola a la mitad y no se quejaba, había nacido como vergas esa nena, pensaba, se venia de solo ver esa imagen, empezó a mamar sus tiernas tetitas succionándolas con suavidad haciéndolas tronar a cada chupeton que les daba, la niña empezaba a jadear con su vocecita infantil que al ser escuchada por el sr. Jorge le ponía la verga mas dura y potente, estuvo un buen rato presionándola por la cintura sacándosela y metiéndosela lentamente para que la penetración fuera cada vez mas profunda, ya bien ensartada se levanto del buró sin sacarle su vergota y así parado la cargo en brazos y empezó a manejarla a su antojo, a sacarle la verga por completo y a hundírsela lentamente a la niña, la cargaba agarrándola en dos manos de su hermosas y calientes nalgas, metía sus dedos entre el surco de su grande culo hasta llegar a presionar levemente su ano de niña, ella soltaba quejiditos en cada metida que le daba su padrino vergudo, la pequeña se venia en orgasmos mojando su gruesa y dura verga del señor, sentía el dulce apretar de sus labios vaginales, tan tiernos y cerrados, en la habitación se oían gemidos de la niña siendo penetrada y chasquidos del choque de sus miembros, una imagen sensual de una tierna niña de 7 años cargada por un hombre maduro metiéndole su gran verga y ella bien abrazada a su cuello, colgando en el aire subiendo y bajando ensartada en la verga de un señor, su amado padrino.

- Te gusta como te meto mi palo en tu balerito Karen?, se siente bien rico, ¿lo sientes bebita? Jadeaba el señor.

- Si señor Jorge, me duele poquito pero siento cosquillitas y me gusta como mi balerito se mete en su palito, siento bien bonito padrinito, me gusta jugar mucho estos jueguitos.

- De eso se trata mi amor, de que te guste y sientas bonito mi nena, yo también siento bien rico en mi palo cuando se mete y sale de tu balerito bebe, me gusta mucho jugar contigo.

Después de subirla y bajarla en su enorme verga por largo rato, la niña se abrazaba a el como si no quisiera que terminara el "juego", con la cabeza recargada en su hombro dejaba que el señor le metiera su tronco en su balerito y ella jadeaba muy suavemente en los oídos de Jorge, el estaba por venirse después de 40 minutos de estarla penetrando de esa manera, cansado la bajo y le quito la falda, su cuerpo era hermoso, morenito, curveado y de perfil de cielo, con unas piernas gorditas y torneadas y un culo de corazón bien gordito y exquisito a la vista.

La llevo a la cama le abrió sus ricas piernas y empezó a mamar su panochita, le dijo que debía ponerle saliva para que el palito entrara mejor, la niña solo cerraba sus ojitos dejando que su padrino la tomara, después le dijo que ella debía aprender a ensalivar su palo y se puso de pie, la niña se levanto a la orilla de la cama y así él de pie y ella sentada en la cama le acerco su enorme verga en su carita, le sobo las mejillas y la barbilla con su enorme verga de 25 cm. la comparaba con su cara que era muy pequeñita contra su tamaño, le dijo que abriera so boquita y la chupara haciendo chasquidos, la niña al principio con algo de asco empezó a meter la cabeza de la bulbosa verga en su boquita, don Jorge le dijo que siguiera y en pocos minutos la nena tomaba la verga con su dos manitas y succionaba con fuerza la cabezota de la verga.

-¿Te gusta pequeña?, es todo tuyo mi palo hazme gozar con tu linda boquita, sigue así Karen, chupalo rico, así mamita, ¿eso te encanta verdad? me encantas bebita.

Chup, chup, chup, se repetía el sonido en la habitación a cada succión que le daba a su verga, la niña mamaba esa gran verga y parecía que le encantaba a ella también, parecía una puta de profesión pues a la gran mamada que le estaba dando la niña naturalmente ponía los ojos en blanco dando una vista a don Jorge como nunca imagino en una niña.

Dejo que la niña explorara su nuevo juguete durante 30 minutos a punto de explotar en su cara sentía que se venia ante la succión de sus tiernos labios, al ver su cara de niña con ese monstruoso tolete en sus manitas y boca, pero quería gozar mas, se calentó tanto que quería cogerla con toda su fuerza, cargo nuevamente a la niña y le puso su babeante verga en su rajita lampiña levantándola y dejándola caer en su pitote haciendo el clásico sonido al estar chocando sus nalgas sobre sus ingles.

Después de cierto tiempo cogiendola cambio nuevamente en el buró el quería venirse dentro de ella, así que le dijo que el se acostaría en la cama y ella solita se metería el palo en su balerito, la niña se subió a la cama después que el señor Jorge su acostó y de frente a el la fue bajando lentamente, sus labios vaginales se abrían groseramente a cada milímetro de verga que penetraba su hermosa panocha pelona, la niña después de un gemido quedo ensartada en su totalidad por el palo en su balerito, la vista era hermosa, ella pequeñita encima de un hombre lleno de vellos acariciando con sus tiernas manos su pecho y él grande con su verga ensartada en el cuerpecito de la niña empalada en un enorme tronco que le abría su interior, el la manejo para subirla y bajarla a su antojo, en veces la movía rápido y en otras lentamente, con el peso de sus caderitas la verga fue entrando con facilidad, don Jorge estaba en el mismo cielo, oliendo ese aroma de niña, de virgen siendo amada por primera vez, la niña después de varios minutos cabalgaba la verga de su padrino soltando gemidos infantiles que ponían a don Jorge loco acababa en un orgasmo que le producía mucho placer en su pequeño ser.

Para ya venirse a borbotones dentro de ella, la puso en la orilla de la cama en 4 patas, disfrutando de la hermosa vista que daba aquella pequeña de 7 años, la niña mostraba un terso cuerpo y hermoso culo bien parado, Jorge sintió nuevamente su tersa y delicada piel, dorada por el color canela que tenia aquella pequeña diosa, y la empezó a coger como a una puta, la pequeña recibía fuertes embestidas en su cuerpecito que a cada una de ellas gemía dulcemente de placer, sus lindas nalgotas de niña mujer sonaban al choque de los cuerpos, era el paraíso, don Jorge quería dejar sus mecos bien adentro de la niña, las metidas eran cada vez mas potentes chocando con fuerza la base de sus huevos en el nacimiento de su panocha que ya se encontraba roja de tanta fricción, su cuerpo bañado en sudor evidenciaba el enorme esfuerzo que le imprimía a la gran cogida que le daba a Karencita, a el también le dolía ya la verga de tanta presión que recibía en su tolete, sus huevos estaban a llenar y quería sacar toda esa leche para los interiores de la pequeña.

Con las embestidas brutales y el jadeo de la niña don Jorge estaba por venirse, la había cogido por horas y se sorprendía de su potencial, la panochita de esa bella niña escolar recibiría su primera mequeada, el señor metía y sacaba rápidamente su miembro tomándola de su delgada cintura, mostrando su enorme culo a su vista y sentía que ya no podía mas que iba a desfallecer, el estar bien dentro de su ahijadita y meterle su verga hasta topar con sus hermosas nalgas por fin estallo, dejo ir en la panochita tierna de la niña grandes cantidades de semen en el útero de la pequeña, bramo como un toro dejando que toda la leche se derramara en el interior de la niña que jadeaba locamente también, ella también ya había tenido sus primeros orgasmos a pesar de su tierna edad, después de venirse una vez que su verga se puso flácida fue sacando su verga llena de líquidos y semen que escurría por las piernitas de Karen, al terminar la beso ricamente por varios minutos uniendo los dos sus ardientes lenguas.

Al termino de la gran cogida baño a la niña y le puso una pomada en su panochita para el dolor así como a tomar un analgésico, la niña quedo agotada y sedienta, don Jorge le dijo que la amaba y que la cuidaría por siempre, ella confundida y excitada también le dejo saber que lo quería mucho y que le gustaba estar a su lado "jugando", se despidió con un largo beso, esperando el siguiente encuentro de esa insana relación entre dos amantes.
Ese día la niña se fue a su casa con su abuelita doña Juanita pensando en lo maravilloso que era su padrino, recordando lo sucedido en su camita, esperando seguir jugando con su vergudo padrino los divertidos y ricos que juegos que le enseñaba.

La vida

Dec 5th @ 11:19pm EST

La vida es una unidad organica, nada está dividido, las divisiones son impuestas por la mente. De otra forma todas las cosas se entremezclan, se funden, se disuelven entre sí. Está ocurriendo todo el tiempo. No te das cuenta porque te has vuelto completamente ciego a causa de las palabras.

Tú comes una fruta: la fruta se convierte en tu sangre. El árbol se ha mezclado contigo, la frontera ha desaparecido. Y esta fruta puede haber estado en la sangre de mucha gente, de muchos animales, de muchas plantas, de muchas piedras. Esta energía que es la fruta siempre ha estado en la existencia; fundiéndose, disolviéndose, emergiendo, yendo de esto a lo otro, cruzando todas las fronteras.

Simplemente observa cualquier fenómeno. La fruta en el árbol, ¿qué está haciendo? Los científicos dicen que está haciendo un milagro. Está transformando la tierra, está transformando los rayos del sol, está transformando el agua. Es un milagro, porque tú no puedes comer tierra, tú no puedes comerte los rayos del sol directamente. Esta fruta, una manzana, está haciendo un milagro. Está transformándolo todo y haciendo que tú puedas absorberlo y se convierta en tu sangre.

Y esta energía se ha estado moviendo, siempre ha estado ahí. La totalidad de la energía permanece igual, porque no hay ningún otro lugar adonde ir, así que la energía no puede aumentar ni disminuir. Al Universo no se le puede añadir ni restar nada. ¿Dónde lo vas a llevar? El todo permanece igual.

Un día la fruta estaba en la tierra, no te la podías comer. La fruta estaba en el sol, la vitamina D estaba en el sol. Ahora la fruta la ha absorbido, ahora la tierra se ha transformado; ¡está ocurriendo un milagro! ¿Por qué ir a los magos para ver un milagro? Está ocurriendo delante de ti: el polvo se transforma en comida deliciosa.

Luego te la comes tú, se convierte en tu sangre. La sangre está constantemente produciendo, crea semen. Nace una semilla, y esta semilla se convierte en un niño. Ahora la fruta, la manzana, está en el niño. ¿Dónde están las fronteras? El árbol se integra en ti, el sol se integra en el árbol, el océano se integra en el árbol, tú te integras en el niño, y así sigue y sigue...

Todas las cosas están en movimiento. El aliento que está en ti, un poco más tarde, estará en mí. Y el aliento es vida, así que tu vida y mi vida no pueden ser diferentes porque yo respiro el mismo aire que tú. Yo exhalo y tú lo inhalas; tú exhalas, yo lo inhalo.
Tu corazón y mi corazón no pueden ser muy diferentes. Están respirando y latiendo en el mismo océano de vitalidad. Yo llamo a este «mi aliento», pero en el momento que lo he dicho, ya no es mío; se ha trasladado, se ha cambiado de casa, ahora es el aliento de otra persona. Lo que tú llamas tu vida no es tu vida. No es de nadie; o es de todos.

Cuando alguien mira la realidad ve que el todo es una unidad orgánica. El sol está trabajando para ti, las estrellas están trabajando para ti. Todas las personas del mundo están trabajando para ti, y tú estás trabajando para ellas. Te morirás y los gusanos se comerán tu cuerpo, te convertirás en su comida.

Te estás preparando, madurando, para morir, para convertirte en la comida de otros. Y tiene que ser así; porque tú has hecho de muchas cosas tu comida y, finalmente, te has convertido en su comida. Todas las cosas son alimento para algún otro. Es una cadena..., y tú quieres aferrarte a la vida. También la manzana, también ella quiere aferrarse a la vida; y el trigo, también el trigo quiere seguir siendo él mismo. Pero entonces la vida cesaría. La vida vive a través de la muerte. Tú mueres aquí, y alguien llega a la vida allá; yo espiro, y alguien inspira. Es como una inhalación y exhalación rítmica, es vida y muerte. La vida es la inhalación; la muerte, la exhalación.

Cuando estés maduro caerás a la tierra. Los gusanos te comerán y las aves de rapiña vendrán y disfrutarán de ti. Tú has disfrutado de muchos alimentos: ahora es el turno de que disfruten de ti. Todo se funde, se encuentra, se disuelve. Entonces ¿por qué preocuparse? Eso va a ocurrir, ya está ocurriendo. Sólo existe el todo, las individualidades son falsas. Sólo existe lo supremo; todo lo demás son tan sólo olas que vienen y van.

Cuando uno ve la realidad justo delante de sus ojos, de repente no hay ningún problema, ninguna ansiedad, porque el todo sigue viviendo independientemente de que tú vivas o no. Entonces tu muerte no es un problema. Vivirás en el todo de millones de maneras.

Algunas veces serás una fruta... Ese es el significado del concepto hindú de millones de yonis. Algunas veces has sido un animal, otras un insecto, otras un árbol y otras una piedra; y la vida sigue. Así que, en cierto sentido, tú no eres nadie, pero en otro sentido eres todo el mundo. En un sentido estás vacío, pero en otro sentido estás lleno. En un sentido no eres, y en otro sentido eres el todo; porque no estás separado."

Some one i use to know .

Dec 5th @ 10:07pm EST

Sunny woke up with a familiar soreness making her remember her night with Ian. The clock read 9:10 and she had to be at work by 11 so she had enough time and plus she owned the bakery so she could open whenever she wanted. She thought about Kyrian and wondered what had him peeved last night when she called him. She also wondered if he went home with that red head. She needed some advice but she definitely couldn't get advice from a woman about a man, she needed to ask a man. She figured it was time to really have a talk with Kyrian and open up to him and tell him how she really feels about him.

She really needed to clear her head so she brushed her teeth and hopped in the shower. As soon as she lathered her face up with soap her phone started ringing. Sunny rolled her eyes and let it go to voicemail but her phone rang again. She wiped her hands off and ran to catch the phone.

"Hello?" Sunny said a little out of breath.

"Hey Sunny it's Ian. Did you want to meet for breakfast before I start my shift?" Ian asked.

Sunny thought it would be the perfect time to get a guys opinion on her situation, "Of course I would love to. I need your opinion on a situation I'm having."

"Ok I'll send you a message with the details and I'll see you then."

"Alright I'll see you in a few. Bye" Sunny hung up the phone and got back in the shower.

Sunny was waiting at the restaurant that Ian told her about and she was ten minutes early trying to file through everything she wanted to know about how she would bring up the situation to Kyrian. So many things were going through her head and she needed a man's point of view of what was going on. She decided to text Kyrian while she waited for Ian to arrive. They made arrangements for him to pick her up after he got off of work. As she was finishing up her text Ian walked through the door.

"Well good morning beautiful" Ian opened his arms for a hug.

"Good morning" Sunny hugged him back and sat down across from him.

"So about last nig-"

Sunny cut him off, "I will not apologize for last night because I do not regret what we did but I will say that I am not one of those crazy girls. I won't stalk you or anything like that I promise."

"Aw man I like the crazy type." Ian said with a laugh. "But now that's out the way, what did you need my opinion on?"

"Wow right to the point. Ok long story short: that man you saw me with the other night is my ex boyfriend and I am still in love with him. I broke up with him because I wasn't the person he thought I was. Even though it's been three years I still want him but I don't think he wants me back." Sunny told Ian, letting out a long breath.

Ian looked down at his hands for a few seconds because he figured that's what she was going to say but he just was hoping he was wrong. He thought she was a fantastic woman so he was still going to give her some advice. "Well from what I saw last night I think he is still interested in you because he looked very possessive of you when you guys walked in the bar last night."

"I want to know if I was wrong for leaving him the way I did" Sunny all but screamed it at Ian. She explained everything in detail. He listened to everything she had to say. She explained to Ian why she did what she did and how he was too sheltered of a person and that his parents sheltering made him close-minded.

"Well in my opinion both of you are at fault. But also you left him so suddenly and didn't even give him a chance to change. Then again he just let you walk out on him so like I said both of you are at fault. I think you should apologize and see what he has to say about it."

Sunny didn't want to hear that she was wrong but she did want the truth. At least he didn't make her feel bad about what she did. "Thank you so much Ian. I will be meeting him today and I will straighten everything out. But what if he doesn't want me still?"

Ian looked at her like she grew two heads out of her ear, "Seriously Sunny he'll be an idiot if he didn't want you back. By the way he was looking the other night I'm surprised he even let you leave with me."

Laughing a little Sunny said thank you when their food was at the table. Her and Ian had small talk after that, talking about anything that came to mind. But the only thing on Sunny's mind was what Kyrian would say. She wanted him so bad and she just wanted to apologize for the way she left him but she will not apologize for wanting him to loosen up a bit.


Kyrian was so distracted in his office since he would be picking Sunny up in a few. He knew she wanted to talk about their situation but he didn't really want to do that yet. He didn't know what was going to come out his mouth, he didn't want to turn into that asshole that he morphed into when he was around her. Shrugging his shoulders he decided he won't think about the impending talk. Instead he thought about last night and how beautiful she looked. She was so gorgeous to him. As soon as he saw her in that curve hugging dress his cock got hard instantly. Thinking about her in that dress made his cock stir in his pants now. He loved how her beautiful hair framed her face, her bedroom deep brown eyes, her smooth milk chocolate skin against his....oh Lord here goes his cock again.

Damn it seemed like every time he thought about her his heart would melt and his little friend between his legs popped up. Thinking about cute puppies to distract himself. But then he thought about Sunny holding a cute little puppy, their puppy, in her lap with only her underwear on and....there he goes again! He really needs a tangible distraction so he called his friend in.

The four hours passed by entirely too fast and now it was already 6:30 and time for him to pick Sunny up from her house. He shot her a quick call saying he was on his way to pick her up. She sounded a bit distracted when he called her. Lord send him strength because he doesn't have time to be dealing with her surprises. He definitely didn't want a surprise like the one he got three years ago.

While he was driving to Sunny's house his phone started vibrating so he pulled over to see who or what it was. It was his security camera showing Dani slipping into his house. That girl just did not get a hint! He did not want her, they only had sex twice and they only went on one date so he doesn't understand how she would have time to fall for him. This is the shit he didn't have time for. He called up his cop buddy to go over there and get her out before he presses charges on the psycho. He planned on taking Sunny to his house and make dinner for her so they could talk but now his plans are changed. He continued on driving and eventually made it to her place.

He walked up to her door and knocked. When she opened the door he stopped breathing for a second. She was so beautiful. She had on some yoga pants and a tank top on with her hair in a ponytail. It wasn't anything extravagant but she looked so gorgeous and fresh. She looked up at him with those doe eyes of hers and his heart melted to the floor. It took him a few seconds to realize she said something. "Oh huh? Sorry, can you repeat that for me?"

Giving him a confused look, Sunny said "I said you're early I thought we agreed 8?"

Kyrian checked his phone, "No it says here after I get off work at 6."

"Oh ok this is fine, just let me get dressed and we can head out."

"Well I was going to make you dinner but there is a little trouble at my place so do you mind if we go somewhere else?"

"Umm well we can stay here and plus I will feel comfortable talking to you here if that's fine with you" Sunny said looking around nervously.

Narrowing his eyes Kyrian said "O-kay"

Walking to the couch Sunny turned to see if Kyrian followed, "You probably want to know what I want to talk to you about." When she gets nervous she plays with her hair so she took her hair out the ponytail.

"I won't lie I do want to know what you needed to talk about" Kyrian dropped in the seat across from her.

"Well I will get straight to the point. When I- I didn't want to leave you the way I did. I am so sorry that I just up and left you without giving you a chance to even think it through and I-"

Kyrian cut her off, "Look I'm over it I just don't wan-"

"Please don't cut me off Kyrian, just hear me out and then you can tell me how you feel about all of this. Ok? Ok, thank you. When I said I wasn't the good little girl that you used to know I didn't mean that living was all about getting tattoos, drinking and cursing. I meant that I didn't like living a sheltered life when there is so much out there in the world for us to explore. I wanted you to live outside of the box but every time I hinted about doing something out of the ordinary you would immediately turn the other cheek to it. Like do you remember that time when I said I thought we should go to that concert but you didn't want to go because there would be too many loud people around and you don't like being around people like them? Or when you took me to that fancy restaurant and I thanked the chef for the wonderful dinner but when he walked away you scolded me because a chef isn't a real career or job. You hurt my heart because deep down that is who I wanted to be. I wanted to cook for people for the rest of my life and seeing you look down your nose at his profession broke my heart." At this point she had tears running down her cheek.

Reaching over to wipe her tears Kyrian said "Look sweetie I am so sorry I made you feel that way but why didn't you ever at least try to talk to me about it? You didn't even give me a chance."

"Would you have really changed Kyrian? Huh? Knowing you, you wouldn't have even given it a try. You would have told your parents how I'm losing my mind and need to get back on the right track of life and you know you would have. You are a my-way-or-the-highway type of person and we both know it!"

Feeling his anger creep up he pushed the chair back with his knees and stood up in a flash looking down at Sunny. "How would you know? You didn't even try. I see how much faith you had in me. I would have done anything for you, I would of even moved with you if that's what made you happy. Sunny I- I loved you with all my heart and it hurts to know that you didn't even think twice about talking to me about it! You constantly go around talking about communication. Ha communication my ass, you don't even take your own fucking advice! How dare you try to make it seem like I was the only one in the wrong when you did everything behind my back!" Kyrian was fuming. He was positive if he looked in the mirror he would see steam coming out of his ears.

Sunny looked up at him with wide eyes then stood up herself. Her being only five feet to his 6'3 she should have stayed sitting down. Her anger was at the edge too, "Don't get loud with me Kyrian Moore! If you would have let me finish talking I would have gotten to the part where I apologized for not giving you a chance. And it's not that I didn't have faith in you it's just I already had my plans made out and there was no reason for me to give you one month to get used to the changes. I reall-"

Cutting her off again Kyrian got closer to her and stared down at her. "Oh so you're making all the calls now huh? Once again you have a little problem with communication. One day would have been all I needed! You made all these plans behind my back while all that time you could have been talking to me instead of drifting away from me, instead of leaving me in the dark thinking things were fine when in reality my relationship was fake and a piece of shit."

"Fake? Fake! You think our relationship was fake!?"

"Sunny don't go putting words in my mouth, you know exactly how I meant it"

Sunny was fired up on the inside, her blood was boiling so she gave him a little shove which made him stumble back a few steps. Kyrian was shocked because she has never done anything like that ever, not even to someone she disliked. "So you want to push people huh?" Kyrian grabbed both of her arms and walked her to the wall with her hands over her head. That action made her breasts bounce and her tank top rise showing her toned flat stomach. This was not the time to be getting a hard-on.

Sunny started to wiggle under him. "Let. Me. Go. NOW Kyrian." She gritted each word.

Kyrian looked down at her with a smug smile "Make me"

She wiggled some more then kicked her leg out but he dodged her. Kyrian pushed his body against hers and ducked his head to barely an inch away from her lips "I will let you go as soon as you promise-"

His words were cut off by a kiss from Sunny. Her lips were softer and thicker than he remembered. Her smell intoxicated him. Her soft body molded to his drove him wild. He returned the kiss. Their tentative kissed turned into one of anger but more than that it was passion for one another. He dropped his hands to hold on to her slim waist. Her hands flew to his lean back. He roughly pulled her closer to him by gripping her ass. She sucked his lip into her mouth and that always pushed him over the edge. He grabbed her ass in both hands and picked her up. Sunny's legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as they continued to ravish each others mouths. Kyrian tried to walk to her bedroom but bumped her into the wall forcing his cock to grind on her mound. He was getting hotter by the second and she had her lips and tongue all over his mouth, neck and ears. Sunny dropped her legs and he let her go. She pushed him down and he fell backwards on the couch. She climbed on him then returned her mouth to his darting her tongue in and out of his while grinding on his pant covered raging cock.

Kyrian tugged at her shirt bringing it over her head to toss it to the side. He undid her bra and she let it drop to the floor. He latched on to one nipple while fondling the other breast with his hand. He licked and tugged at her hard nipple flicking it back and forth with his tongue. He moved to the other nipple as Sunny moaned in his ear.

Abruptly Sunny got up and pushed her pants down and threw them at him lying on the couch. She then turned on her heel and walked to the bedroom. Kyrian got the clue and pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. He got up to follow her when he saw her drop her panties on the floor. He hurriedly undid his belt and his buttons on his pants. He stumbled a little bit staring at her luscious ass swaying in front of him. His pants and underwear were off in a flash and his cock was hard and aching to get in her sweet cunt for the first time in three years. He walked in the room but he didn't see her. He was about to check another room when he saw he close the door and drop to her knees. She immediately took his cock in her mouth. Her small warm hand was wrapped around the base of his cock while her mouth was wrapped around the head. Her mouth was doing wonders on him and he was already close to cumming. He grabbed a handful of her hair and caressed her face. He took her chin and tipped it back helping her get to her feet. She had the cutest pout on her face. She stuck her finger in her pussy and put it in front of his face to show him how wet she was for him. She was so naughty and she was very wet for him. She lightly tapped her finger on his bottom lip and then stuck it in her mouth and licked her finger clean.

Kyrian picked her up and put her high against the wall with her cunt in his face. He dove into her sweet cunt and started to lick up her slit. He sucked her lips in his mouth with his nose running against her sweet button. Sunny's hands were buried in his hair moaning and screaming his name. Her moans were spurring him on so he took her hard little clit in his mouth sucking hard on it. Sunny was trying to keep her balance on the wall and on his shoulders. She was going over the edge. She could feel that rush go through her and her breath was quickening. Kyrian could feel her shaking and started licking faster. Within seconds she came all over him. She slumped over his shoulder and he carried her to the bed.

"I'm not done with you yet Sunshine." Kyrian said straddling her petite frame. Sunny wrapped her legs around his waist and they began to kiss again. Her tongue twirling with his in his. He loves that she is being a little minx in bed. He has never been like this with her. Bringing him out of his thoughts she sucked on his neck drawing a moan out of him. Kyrian pushed her legs open and guided his raging cock into her waiting treasure. She was so silky and hot. She fit him like a glove. He started to pump in her getting into a rhythm. He grabbed her hips as she twisted her nipples giving him a nice show. He started pounding in her watching her tits bounce and jiggle from the force. He needed to feel her ass slapping against his thighs. He took her by the ankle and flipped her over bringing her ass in the air. He filled her cunt back up with his cock making them both gasp at the feeling. Kyrian started jackhammering her from behind loving the feel of her soft ass being pushed back on his thighs and his sac slapping against her clit. He smacked her ass then massaged the pain away making her coo every time he did. He looked down and, he doesn't care what anybody says but looking at the contrast of their skin is very overwhelming and the love he has for her is immense. He felt the tightening of his sac and that feeling he got in his stomach and he sped up his pace. Sunny was cumming under him and her walls were contracting around his shaft. He came with a loud grunt still pumping into her. He reluctantly pulled out and pulled her into his arms as they both lay there trying to catch their breath.

An hour went by when someone decided to talk. It was Sunny who started.


Sunny never witnessed Kyrian losing control like that ever. She figured she liked that side of him. He was so carnal and sexy not even worrying trying to be a gentleman in bed. Because let's be honest, who wants a gentleman in bed? No one does. Women want a carnal mad with no inhibitions in their bed. When her and Kyrian were dating three years ago, the sex was good but damn he has definitely been holding out on her. And to think THIS is what she has been missing. She was never going to be with another man. Ever. Kyrian was it for her and she knew it at the bottom of her heart.

She decided she should start talking "Look Kyrian I know I was wrong and I apologize. I should not have done what I did and I apologize for not having faith in you. What I want to know is." She stopped to look in his eyes.

"Is?" Kyrian encouraged.

"I want to know if you want to give this relationship another try. I promise I will communicate with you and I won't make decisions for us we will make decisions for us. Just please give me another chance."

"Sunny, listen." Kyrian said exasperated.

Sunny had a small little frown on her face and a tear was threatening to fall. "It, it's ok I understand"

Kyrian framed her face with his hands and looked deep into her eyes, "Sunny I don't want to go another day without you."

Sunny smiled up at him and playfully hit him on the arm laughing, "I forgot about your wicked sense of humor." She gave him a kiss that she hoped showed all the love she had for him. She knew this wouldn't be easy especially since they had to get reacquainted but she was willing to go through it all over again.

Sunny heard something ringing and she lifted her head. It didn't sound like her phone so she got up to see if Cara came home while her and Kyrian were....busy. She made it to her living room and saw Kyrian's pants on the floor and that's where the sound was coming from. She called for Kyrian to come get his phone.


"Kyrian? Kyrian your phone is ringing." He heard Sunny calling after him.

Very good day.

Dec 3rd @ 10:07pm EST

Somehow in the process of him leaving for the cave, he let his hands get the better of him and he ended up making exceedingly good use of all that pent up sexual energy I had been generating all day.

He got me off something fierce. And something soft. And something rough. And something kinky. And something perfect. A bunch of times.

I can only give highlights: I was in The Trance. Ravished and unaware of anything but feeling his sexy touch.

I have new appreciation for the one-person-naked-and-the-other-person-dressed sex scenario. That added some kinky flare I never expected. Not unlike my repeat fantasy of visiting Caveman in his office and him letting me remove key clothing items from him and have a really deep blowjob. I think of that every time I see him at his desk. But that's not his thing. Just mine.

A favourite erotic moment. I was insanely randy. The orgasms came really quickly but the disappointment over the speed of attaining them (I get off too fast) was dulled by the sexy, sexy intensity and sensuality of it all. At one point, Caveman is lying on his back and I am beside him. Because he is so fully dressed, my nakedness feels extra naked. He holds my legs as wide apart, as wide as they will go, using his legs as straddlers. He's very tall so it works well. I am prisoner of love. My cunt feels like the clown behind the board, where you throw wet sponges at it, and it knows one of those wet sponges is going to be big and wet and warm and hit bang on. But which one? And when?

Just the anticipation of sex, of him touching me there without being able to move, has me squirming. I place my hands behind my head to complete the tie up. I decide I will not retreat (not that I could, except to use my hands) no matter how intense it gets.

He strokes and fingers. He frequently wets his fingers with his mouth. That erotic licking sound grabs me. Makes me wish he was going down on me, giving me oral sex. His legs assert themselves to confirm I cannot move. A sudden wet something (finger, thumb?) goes up my ass and stops in that place where I get the tail buzz orgasm.

I realize the power of the tailgasm is almost opposite of an orgasm. While a clitgasm builds and climaxes, a tailgasm is a steady something of good feeling that is unwavering. And it's a matter of how much good I can stand. Lying there with my legs so wide, my pussy so open, the air blowing on me, the tail buzzing: I am ready to blow.

My tits get very hard at times like this. My nipples are insanely sensitive. Big cave hands all over right then would be heavenly. But I feel nothing but the cold air of the fan making my nipples sharp like the tips of knives.

The thumb(?) stays in the ass and other fingers roam the front. I wonder if this is what being tied up is all about? The insanely sensual / erotic feeling of being wide open, so vulnerable, and absolutely urgently craving a wild and unrelenting fucking?

At the same moment that he goes big and deep in my cunt, zeroing right in on the g-spot with all the thrust I was dying for, he starts sucking my hard tit: lapping it up. His late-day whiskers feel painfully good. Prickling through the numbness of the sexual arousal.

He fucks me like crazy. I am all too well aware of the tail feeling and I feel like my hips are floating, fleeing from the scene. I pretend my hands are tied behind my head like in a good erotic bondage story and resistance is indeed futile. The ass and pussy fucking settle down while he rattles away on the clit. I'm insanely wet and he uses my own wetness to lube up. Like the perfect psychic masturbator, he delivers the Great Clitontic O. I have been released.

I feel that great whoosh of numbness, like my whole body fits in a warm hand like a bird.

I spent years thinking of sex as a reward for when things are good. Not a release when things are not so good. And now, it's everything. It celebrates the great, heals the bad, nurses the worries, remedies the cramps, distracts from the headaches, confirms the absurd, makes a brilliant mockery of everything that weighs my heart down. But mostly just carries me away. I think I'm liking this sex stuff.

Jessica and the game.

Dec 2nd @ 8:31pm EST

I watched her closely as she stood at the front of the little stage looking out into the audience. The stage was less than eighteen inches higher than the small dance floor in front of it. There were no more than ten tables, each with two double wide comfortable chairs, that might even be classed as divans or love seats. All were occupied by couples, nestling down into the deep and soft upholstery. My being here was the result of Tom and his son's skateboard. But I am getting ahead of my story.

The lights had dimmed right after the girl had climbed the three steps onto the stage platform. All conversation had stopped and the small room was quietly and patiently waiting. The atmosphere was filled with promises of another intimate show. What or who or how or when was never announced beforehand, which made for a truly unique performance each night.

I found myself sitting in the shadows at the back wall, which was fine with me. Heck, just being here in this super exclusive club was almost a miracle. My wife and I had reserved this night to go dancing and bar hopping and she had metamorphosed herself into a cross between a society lady and a closet slut. She was not just attractive; she was the quintessence of the fusion of femininity and blatant sexuality. She knew what she was doing and she feasted on the admiration of the men in her vicinity as well as the envious looks of some of her less blessed sisters.

My wife Liolani and I had met on Maui where I had been sent to supervise the installation of a new generating system. She was, as she had laughingly told me, a history child. Her genes reflected, in a small way, the ethnic diversity of her island. She claimed that there was some Hawaiian, some Chinese, some Portuguese, and some Dutch ancestry in her. Those she was sure of, but there might be others, she had told me. The mixture had produced an exotic beauty with skin just a tad darker than most Europeans. Her dark eyes had a slight almond shape, a hint of the Oriental, and were one of her attributes that earned her the nickname I had given her while we dated. Let me tell you about that.

The people of Maui are extraordinarily proud of their Island, and rightfully so. You can hear them often exclaim that MAUI NO KA OI, which is Hawaiian and means 'There s nothing better than Maui'. One day we were standing under the huge Banyan tree in Lahaina when I laughingly paraphrased the saying and told her that LIOLANI NO KA OI. I later on shortened that to KA OI, and then to just KOI. While I liked her musical name Liolani and used it often, it seemed easier and faster to call her Koi. And believe me, while this sounds exactly like c-o-y, the c-o-y word does not apply to her.

The night I will be telling you abut started innocent enough. Liolani and I were walking to the door leading into the garage when the main door bell rang. It was Jimmy, the son of our good friend Tom. He handed me an envelope on which was a scribbled message. Jimmy told me that his dad had instructed Jimmy to make sure that we understood that we were not to open the envelope until we were at least ten miles from the house. I thanked Jimmy and rushed back into the garage, anxious to start our evening. We honored Tom's request and waited until we had driven about 15 minutes.

"My God," exclaimed my wife," Tom broke his right leg trying out Jimmy's new skateboard." She tore open the envelope and found two tickets for the Club Venus, plus another message. It just told us to enjoy the show. He was sorry he could not go but hoped we would tell him why this club was so exclusive and how we liked the show. He had been given the tickets two days before by his CEO as a special bonus for snaring an important account for the firm. As a whimsical post script he asked my wife to think of something outrages to make the evening more memorable.

We were rounding the last corner before the club when she turned to me with a cattish smile to inform me that she had just wiggled out of her panties and that she would be bare bottom tonight. She had done that before on two occasions and it had turned her on tremendously then, especially since she at both times had worn a miniskirt. It would not be that daring tonight since she had decided on a smart black cocktail skirt, which came down to just above her knee.

This had been a good choice since most people at the club were dressed more sedately than we normally dressed when bar hopping. We walked up to the small bar and ordered our drinks, then got acquainted with the couple who shared our table. They were in their early fifties but acted more like our age, more like early thirty, down to their tastes of music, we found out. They were regulars and proceeded to tell us about the club.

You never know, they told us, what will happen. It might be a risqué skit, it might be one act of Shakespeare's Falstaff, or a sex show, or a quartet of artists unentertaining with their creations. But the events were always interesting and in good taste.

Our chairs, love seats, divans, were at the back wall. But since the establishment was relatively small one still felt connected with whatever happened on the small stage. There was not space enough for a band, so music was piped in. However, I noticed a large ensemble of drums and cymbals in a corner next to the stage. A very good looking young fellow with a terrific physique was busy making adjustments and I assumed that he was the drummer, But what kind of music can one play on an ensemble solely consisting of percussion instruments I wondered. I would find out to my delight.

Punctually at eight we were reminded by a drum roll that the entertainment would start shortly and everyone returned to their places. A gorgeous lady in a flowing dark purple dress that swept the floor, arrived from somewhere backstage and announced tonight's program. I will refrain from describing the program; it was a wonderful mélange. The evening would then conclude with some kind of game but no explanation was forthcoming.

The show started with a poet reading some of his poetry, which I liked very much. It was an unusual opening act, unusual I felt for a club that, I had heard, was way off the mainstream, mostly presenting entertainment appealing to the more prurient tastes. His poetry was both funny as well as sexually titillating. It brought forth a lot of female giggling, which made it quite clear that at least the ladies appreciated the poet's works.

I also noticed that my wife appreciated the looks of the stage hand in the right corner of the stage who supplied props like the stool for the poet. He was a tall, wide shouldered man in his mid thirties it seemed. His bare chest showed off his splendid physic. Must be Hawaiian whispered Liolani to me. He had been introduced at the beginning of the evening as Halako, which I promptly shortened to Al in my mind.

The last number before the "game" was a flamenco dance by a colorfully dressed Latina. The way it was presented was both artistic as well as highly erotic. I noticed my wife next to me crossing and uncrossing her legs. It must be the color and the movements that made her fidgety, I reasoned, it could not be the dancer. But then I noticed that her attention was not all centered on the dancer, her eyes kept straying to the drummer. He did manage to play music on his drums, a subtle accompaniment mostly but sometimes bursting into a joyous celebration of raw lust; always completely in tune with the dance. I did not mind the least If my sweetheart enjoyed some fantasies involving the drummer.

There was another fifteen minute recess after the flamenco, after which we would be treated to the "game". A drum roll called everyone back to their seats and I could almost physically feel the audience's excitement.

The lady MC glided back onto the stage and waited until all conversation had ceased and everyone's attention was focused on her. "We have a high stakes game ahead," she announced with a big smile. "For this we need a volunteer, either a lady or a man." When no one stepped forward she told us that she would select some lucky person by asking a few questions.

"Here is my first question. Is there a lady in the house who tonight goes without panties?" she asked. No one answered, so I took my wife's arm and raised it high. When the MC noticed my wife's raised arm she clapped her hands. Her "We have a winner," brought forth a big round of applause during which she stepped off the stage, carefully raising her dress slightly. When she arrived at our table she studied my wife for a moment, then she looked at me as if assessing what kind of reaction I would have to my wife being the winner. It was obvious that the winner was going to be the center piece of the "game'.

She took my wife by the hand, pulled her up and introduced herself as Jennifer and congratulated my wife. Then the MC took my wife's hand and gently led her up onto the stage.

The lights in the club started to dim, except for the circle of a spot light focused on the two women standing in the center of the stage. Jennifer again took my wife's hand and gently pulled her to the front.

I should tell you that my wife is considered a natural beauty. Except for some eye liner and some eye shadow, she never wears any make-up. It isn't needed. I always wondered what other men considered her best assets; her petite, slender figure, her slightly tanned soft skin, her smiling, challenging dark eyes, or her coal black long hair that she wears in many artistic ways?

As I watched her standing at the edge of the tiny stage I could see in her face displayed several emotions tumbling through her. There was curiosity, there was exhibitionist enjoyment of being allowed to display herself to the watching audience, but there was also a slight apprehension about what was to come next.

"The rules are simple," explained the lady MC. "Anyone in the audience may make a request of Jessica, accompanied by a bid of no less than twenty dollars. Before Jessica makes her move another bidder for the same or a higher bid may claim that Jessica will not comply. The loser will have to deposit the amount of the higher of the two bids in this box we will bring to your table."

What came next was a definite relief for my girl; I could see it in her face. "I would like to introduce you to our guests, but I forgot to ask for your name." The tone in the MC's voice made this a question, not a statement. My wife tuned to her and answered: "My name is Jessica." "No. no," said the MC "An actor speaks directly to the audience. Go and face them and introduce yourself."

My sweetheart turned to look into the darkened room and with a clear and confident voice announced: "My name is Jessica." I knew then that she had herself in control. Any apprehension she had had was gone, replaced with the knowledge that she could handle any stimulation that might be coming her way.

The lady MC turned to Jessica, hugged her, and told her in a stage whisper for everyone to hear that she would probably wind up a rich girl at the end of the game. Then she stepped away three steps, leaving Jessica as the sole player on stage.

There was a minor, low volume drum roll and the MC asked for the first bid.

"20 dollars for her panties."

"Forty says she won't hand them over. No woman gives her panties to a strange man," was the bid answer. "Anyway, she came without panties."

The first bidder spoke up again: "do you have your panties with you and will you give them to me?"

"Yes to both questions. My husband has them in his pocket and you are welcome to them." She turned her head to look in my direction and asked me t hand her panties over to the gentleman who had won the bid. I don't believe I answered her. She wouldn't have been able to hear it anyway over the laughter that had exploded.

The money box was presented to the loser and Jessica was forty dollars richer. I could see and feel her enjoyment of the game. Her enthusiasm promised a great game.

The panty man now bid forty for her bra. Loser man bid fifty that she would not hand over my bra. "Or will you," he inquired.

"I am not wearing a bra, I hardly ever do," Jessica informed him. The box received fifty dollars. The next voice startled Jessica a bit.

"I don't believe it until she proves it," said the voice. "She is too well proportioned not to have some help or support. Open your blouse and show us. It's worth a bid of sixty."

She immediately unbuttoned her blouse. I knew she would, she is immensely proud of her figure, especially her tits. She pilled her blouse back to display her two assets. I think I even detected her straightening up her torso further to really make her tits stand out.

The bid was hardly paid when someone suggested she drop her blouse altogether for sixty. A second bid followed immediately with a "I don't think she will. And I raise it to eighty." This was a challenge that Jessica could not let go unanswered. She lost no time, removed her blouse and handed it to the MC. This brought forth a round of applause plus some intricate play on the drums that were an obvious musical "Thank you".

Te bid was paid and I could hear a babble of low voices in the audiences. It was obvious what would be asked of her next. But before anyone could call for the inevitable next action a booming voice to my right asked Jessica to turn around and show her backside. The booming voice bid fifty. No one entered a second bid and Jessica finally turned.

The buzz of voices went up a notch till somebody asked Jessica to drop her skirt for one hundred. Someone else decided that she would not do that and bid one hundred and fifty. I was not sure myself if Jessica would comply or throw in the towel and quit, although that would normally not be her way. So I was not really surprised when there was just a slight moment of hesitation before her skirt fell to the floor of the stage. This brought another round of applause, and another musical drum solo.

What next, I mused. I did not have long to wait. Someone bid two hundred for her to turn and face the audience. This was answered with a challenge of three hundred. I could image her thoughts at that moment. The first would be a NO WAY. But then her fighting spirit would take over, saying I WILL SHOW YOU. She must have thought exactly as I was sure she would; she decided to go further. It was her way of saying I AM TOUGHER THAN YOU THINK. She slowly raised her arms and started turning. By the time she fully faced them she had both hands behind her head, displaying herself in an act of defiance. She mocked and dared the audience. I was so proud of her.

Her freshly shaved pussy sported a small triangle of pubic hair pointing to her prominent clit. Then I noticed something new. Above the triangle was a red tattoo which simply said CAUTION. I wondered when she had done that, or if it really was a true tattoo. I would have to find out later tonight.

The applause was deafening. Everyone understood her gesture. She kept her face as serene as she could, only the hint of a smile of victory showing. The drummer summoned his ensemble to add a triumphant I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, BABE to the general noise.

Jessica held her pose for maybe ten seconds, and then lowered them again to her side. As the applause finally died down she turned to Al and challenged him to do what she had done. If she expected him to meekly shake his head NO, she was mistaken. He met her challenge without hesitation and it turned out that he did not wear anything yonder his trouser, either. There were many AAHs and OOOHs from the female guests, and also some WHOAs from some males. He had looked great just bare chested, but filly nude he was magnificent. Much later, after we had become good friends, I found out that he was the son of a Samoan minor chief. Looking back at Jessica I began to wonder if she was drooling, and then decided that she certainly was.

Finally the hubbub died and a lady's voice instructed Jessica to French kiss this hunk for no less than thirty seconds. This was a two hundred dollar bid and it went unchallenged.

Jwssica did not wait for Al's reaction. She took three steps to stand in front of him, put both arms around his neck and started kissing him fiercely. She seemed more turned on than I had thought. Halfway into her kiss she let her right hand nonchalantly fall so that it landed on his prick. She is a master at awakening this part of a man's anatomy and it became obvious to everyone after only a few moments that she really was a master. Inside I chuckled, she would have kissed and fondled Al without a two hundred dollar inducement, but there was more to come.

We want to see your pretty buns urged a male voice who bid one hundred for this privilege. He had no takers, either. By now the audience knew that Jessica could handle about every challenge coming her way. Al turned her to face away from the room and she obediently bent over giving everyone a thorough view of her charms. After maybe six, seven seconds Al announced that they had seen enough, and he was screening her from further ogling, by shading her with his very own body. As he stepped behind her I could hear him telling her that he was going to reward her for a super performance.

A woman in the audience cried out at Jessica REACH BACK AND PUT IT IN. She added that she bet five hundred so please don't disappoint me. Jessica is a kindhearted wench and I was certain that she could not bear the thought of disappointing this friendly lady. She obeyed at once. Al made a few moves to which Jessica answered with a rasping AAAAH. The five hundred dollar voice came on again to urge Jessica to turn so that they were sideways to the audience. This way the event could be enjoyed by all.

Al moved one strong arm under the bent over girl, lifted her off her feet and deposited her near the front of the stage so that they were sideways to the audience. Jessica was so hot she probably did not know any more where she was, and if she was aware of her surroundings she wouldn't care. She was in a world of her own and nothing else mattered except the wonderful feeling that started in her pussy and from there radiated into every pore of her body. At first her arms were hanging lifeless but soon her hands moved to her tits. She alternated between teasing her nipples and squeezing and kneading her tits. Her mouth was wide open and her labored breathing could be heard even in the back where I was sitting.

As I looked around me I noticed that many small hands had sneaked under the hem of dresses or had wandered to the pants next to them. All the while the action was underscored with whimpers from Jessica, interrupted from time to time by strangled screams and moans. Suddenly I became aware of a sensuous drumbeat that imitated and magnified Jessica's vocalizations in perfect harmony. When the drums stopped I looked over and saw the young drummer climb onto the stage and inch forward till he stood next to the lady MC, not more that three feet away from Al and Jessica.

Ten seconds passed and someone called out a five hundred dollar bid for Jessica to give the young fellow a blow job. He did not wait for any encouragement from her and stepped right up to her face. By this time he had sprouted an erection that Jessica could not overlook. Her right hand reached out to encircle his prick and pull it closer so she could tongue it lovingly before she directed it into her mouth and began to suck on it, moving her lips up and down the boy's dick.

I could sense Jessica's climax approaching and saw her increasing her efforts on the drummer's prick in her mouth. He came first with the all the energy of youth. Jessica swallowed until the limp dick plopped out of her mouth. Suddenly her body arched and starting with little shrieks she built up to a wild crescendo of sounds as her climax shook her. She climaxed again and again until she finally was so exhausted that I was afraid her legs would buckle under her. Al must have felt it also because he pulled out, and then turned Jessica to face him. He stroked her face tenderly and then kissed for almost a half a minute. Suddenly she remembered what I had taught her; take care of the instrument that pleasured you. She went down to kneel in front of Al and started on what she likes to do. She gave him the blowjob of his life; looking up to him all the while she was pleasuring him. When he at last exploded in her mouth I watched her swallowing his come as she had swallowed the drummer's.

The young fellow had returned to his corner and had accompanied Al when Al had shuddered to his climax. The audience was still, there was a hush in the room as Al tenderly picked up Jessica. She slung her arms around his neck and buried her face on his chest. There was not a whisper to be heard from the audience as Al carried his sweet load backstage. The only sound was a sweet and low volume song from the drums as they said their good-bye.

My hump

Nov 29th @ 12:10am EST





LETS SPEND TIME NOT MONEY. » letras traducidas al español




Como prevenir el acne.

Nov 28th @ 11:15pm EST

A diferencia de lo que puedes haber escuchado, el acné no es consecuencia de la piel sucia. El acné es causado por la actividad excesiva de las glándulas sebáceas en la piel y por la acumulación de grasitud, células muertas de la piel y bacterias, lo que produce la inflamación de los poros.

Las glándulas sebáceas son estimuladas por las hormonas que se vuelven activas durante la pubertad, motivo por el cual los adolescentes son propensos a tener acné. Debido a que la tendencia al acné es en parte genética, si otras personas de tu familia tuvieron (o tienen) acné, es probable que tu también lo tengas.

Si bien no hay una manera segura de prevenir el acné, estos consejos pueden ayudarte a reducir la cantidad y la gravedad de las erupciones:

* Lavar la piel es esencial (ya que ayuda a quitar el exceso de grasitud de la superficie y las células de la piel muertas que pueden bloquear los poros), pero la limpieza excesiva puede causar daños como resecar la piel o irritar el acné existente.
* Recuerda lavarte después de hacer ejercicio para evitar que el sudor bloquee los poros y empeore el acné. Si trabajas en lugares donde hay alimentos grasosos o aceite, o si has sudado debido al calor o porque has estado trabajando duro, lávate la cara y otras áreas propensas al acné tan pronto como sea posible.
* Si usas productos para la piel como lociones o maquillaje, busca aquellos que sean no comedogénicos o no acnegénicos, es decir, aquellos que no bloquean los poros.
* Si no puedes prescindir de la laca o del gel modelador para el cabello, asegúrate de aplicarlos lo más lejos posible de la cara. Muchos productos para el cabello contienen aceites que pueden empeorar el acné. Trata de usar productos a base de agua.
* Si tienes acné en zonas como el pecho o la espalda, evita la ropa ajustada, ya que puede rozar la piel y causar irritación.


Nov 13th @ 8:40pm EST

nnEn fascinated Count bored soon to Louis XV and his favorite, Madame de Pompadour. We may never know the truth about his two-year stay in England before his arrest in 1745, but it is quite possible that he had been entrusted with a secret mission. On his return to France made for King several political efforts delicadas.nnEn 1760 King Louis sent the Comte de Saint-Germain to The Hague as personal representative, with the mission of negotiating a loan with Austria to help finance the War Seven Years Against Inglaterra.nnMientras Count was in Holland faced his former friend Casanova, also ambassador in The Hague, who tried unsuccessfully to discredit him in public. But Saint-Germain also gained a more powerful enemy. The Duc de Choiseul, Minister of Foreign Affairs of King Louis, found that the Count had done surveys with the intention of making peace between England and France. The count had to flee, first to England and then two or three years Holanda.nnDurante lived in Holland under the name of Count de Surmont, dedicated to raising money to build laboratories that manufactured paints and dyes, also trying to improve the techniques of alchemy, "the finishing of metals." Apparently unsuccessful since disappeared from Holland with 100,000 guilders if only to reappear in Belgium, this time calling themselves Monferrat Marquis. There, in Tournai, launched another laboratory before disappearing nuevo.nnLa illustration shows the induction ceremony to the first degree of Freemasonry, as the Scottish Rite, a lodge in Paris in 1740. Spread on the ground there is a blackboard, used to teach new members of the masonería.nEn symbolism over the years succeeded stories from various parts of Europe about the activities of the count. In 1768 appeared in Russia in the court of Catherine. Turkey had just declared war on Russia, and it seems that his ability as a diplomat and expert on French politics helped him to stay in a good place


Nov 12th @ 2:12pm EST

Quiero hoy dale las gracias a todas aquellas personas que han estado conmigo compartiendo tiempo y experiencias, me encanta todos los dias conocer diferenre gente , de distintas partes del mundo y poder intercambiar ideas y momentos gratos.... hoy quiero hacerles saber que estos meses con flirt y con ustedes me han hecho crecer como mujer y como persona; que eh aprendido muchisimo y que siempre siempre los llevo en mi corazon. De verdad que aprecio cada momento que ustedes me dan siempre aunque esten ocupados con sus propías vidas , se que piensan en mi por alguna u otra razon. Saber eso me edifica y me hace sentir muy especial.
A todos estos amigos quiero mandarles mi afecto y mi corazon y quiero que sepan que si talvez algun dia ya no estoy , quiero que siempre me recuerden como soy y como me conocen risueña, amable algunas veces, intocable y furiosa otras veces , pero siempre dispuesta a dar lo mejor que tengo para hacerlos sentir bien . La vida da muchas vueltas y el mundo es muy grande , por eso deseo que en sus vidas siempre halla mucha paz, armonia y amor , de resto todo vendra por añadidura.... Sepan que mientras este aqui siempre sere de ustedes, para hablar , reirnos juntos y compartir cositas y experiencias encanta.
Gracias a todos por esos gratos momentos que me hicieron vibrar y sentir cosas muy especiales, amo todo eso ....por siempre y para siempre su amiga Paige_L. Los amo .

halloweens day!

Oct 31st @ 5:37pm EDT

The music started to play, remember the steps that have to accompany her. The melody
invades me. Already I can hear the keys in the hallway. The introduced into the
lock. You are about to enter. This is going to be another glorious night. My fourth
glorious night.

I hear his footsteps into the floor, his panting to come running down the dark street
under this incessant rain. Leave the keys in the entrance, next to the bag, in a
piece of furniture whose main purpose is to perform that function. Sigh, it feels

Hang your coat, soaked in the rack that is next to the door,
the same input, while noting the umbrella in the stand with some
uncertainty, perhaps thinking "I soaked to the skin and you warm inside
your house. " The world is not always fair.

I find that the furniture of the entry is not just a mere support for leaving
keys. He takes off his shoes, black high heels, elegant indeed, and puts
within one cabinet.

Once goes barefoot into the room, whose floor is covered by a large
carpet that leaves no space to see the color of the tiles, and gets into
one of the rooms that connect directly to that room. It is a flat
small. There are two doors in the living room: one room communicates with another
after that is the bathroom.

Now I can watch in your room. It is undressing. You take your clothes
soaked and leaves behind on the bed. First the white silk shirt that
offer a transparency of the costs to keep me and I await the moment
appropriate, then the black skirt, tight, marking a lush curves in
body, after she gets rid of the half, staying only in underwear,
white, of course, consistent with that firstly stripped jacket. No
takes to undo that bra and discard the tiny thong that barely
hid something. Every time I find it hard to hold, but a charity
must always be in top condition, you have to wait at the right time,
although the music is heard increasingly high, with more strength and beauty. Open
wardrobe, comfortable clothes out of there and she quickly wears. Each time it is

Leaves the room to go to the bathroom this time. Her hair is soaked
when he gets, but I can see out his black hair is much less
wet, but not completely dry.

Again go to his room, but now out of there very quickly and
moves towards the entrance, where there is a door leading to the kitchen. Sign in
from the place where I hear I can open and close the refrigerator and how
opens and closes the silverware drawer. Something has caught eating.

Now return to the room, turned on the TV and put a movie on the DVD. He sits on
the couch and I can see it in her arms a large tub of fruit yoghurt
varied and skimming. She did not see me. Everything is going perfect.

At the time I leave behind the thick curtains that are located five or
twenty feet from the couch she occupied. I crept, which Leopard
stalking its prey. One step ... two ... three ... But I missed something. Above
TV had a cabinet, whose doors were glass. Because of such
doors reflected my face and she whirled around screaming in terror.

He began to throw all that was around the house, knowing that nothing
what threw me stop destination. Her tears betrayed her. She was beautiful
and I was only there to help.

I pounced on it to stop its continued aggression. I must admit
I was a brave girl. I threw it to the ground and hit several punches to the face,
maybe six or seven. He stood on that carpet. Still breathing.
Still suffering. Although less and less.

I lifted my arms and lay down on his bed. I tied as the others. It began
the ritual.

Clean your face full of blood and I was able to see that beautiful face, that face
eternal. His gaze was lost, I have not said anything. Before dancing,

Now I look, feel scared, but will soon be relieved. I finally speaks his
look, what a feeling only live in these times.

"Relax, I've only come here to help," said well-mannered and
whispering. But she started screaming again, like a crazy hysterical. Do not put
things easy. The only thing that's won receive a new punch and cover his
mouth with duct tape. Now the silence between us. "Be right back", I went

I went to the kitchen, looked the sharpest knife I had and went back to the room,
where she waited impatiently. Seeing me with the knife was moved too.
His eyes told me that not only was scared, but also anxiety, oppression and,
even submission. They are typical reactions at first. Began the

"Do not worry, it will not last long, though at first perhaps something hurts."
I was totally excited. Just thinking of his eternity, what I would say morning
the press. Sure you treat me this time as a good man. A person
trying to help people.

I plunged the knife in his right wrist and from there I started drawing
his body with that tool I used the previous times, but always
borrow from those girls. I went up and down the right shoulder by such
side down to his ankle. After that I went up to the navel and to
down the left leg to his other ankle. I climbed up that side
I got to the shoulder, where I began to pass the knife to his left arm

The ritual was about to end. The drawing was almost done. She was still alive,
but increasingly weak, his blood was leaving his body to be deposited by
all over the bed and floor of the room. We just moved and complained. I knew
I just was going to help, and he felt more relieved. I love this feeling.

I decided to end with dancing and with his knife stroked her neck. No longer
breathing, and did not move, and did not suffer. The dance was nearly over, but still
listened to some music.

I stole his face to that gorgeous. Will be eternally grateful. His face
perpetual remain whatever happens. I'll keep it next to the other three
previous girls. But I will continue to alleviate the suffering of those women who
want to age, they are afraid. I'm going to help.

this world!

Oct 25th @ 8:38pm EDT

in a world where I have always seen things unexplainable and unique sensations I felt I can say that despite the inhumanity that exists in every one of the world's population, which reached a conclusion and I think the human beings on this planet to fill the mouth words without foundation and say surely as if they were absolute truth in their minds that this world is totally changed.
on the contrary do not see evolution in any city or in a particular culture.
excenpto nobody is what happens in this place. human self-destruction is next as we ourselves succeed in passing over others as they usually ask and we become obsessed with it.
human extremism makes our head is full of large cockroaches and bad thoughts come in the end we still just speculation about situations or things that happen to us taking into account the reactions of those who share our daily lives.
therefore we do not love do not love your partner and another man walking in the street, the ego and all his thoughts are focused on one person. oneself.
why we are not happy and we could not build a good life.
for this daily in my work I dislike many people as I come to this place to find fun and entertain as well as have good incomes and most important for me to make friends and reach people who only think about themselves and confuse things, where only want to be satisfied at all costs ...
I'm unclear here love to blow my greatest fetish but at some point ask what feet on me and take the trouble to read about me and know me more .. much more you can share with me the hope here

always give the best !

Oct 20th @ 8:14pm EDT

The knock at the door came right on time. Doris glanced in the mirror
on the wall just
before reaching for the knob. She smiled to herself, knowing she was
both excited and
nervous. With a swing of the door, his smile put her at ease.

"Hi, I'm Brian." She returned his smile.

"I'm Doris. Thanks for driving down."

"My pleasure. Now, you said something about a cabinet door that
wouldn't shut." Doris
opened the door and motioned for him to step inside. Brian was just as
he had described
himself. He stepped into the entryway, giving her a chance to get a
good look at him from
the back. A tool belt was hitched around his waist and slung to the
side. It framed the top
and side of his Wrangler's. Doris' eyes locked in on scene. "So where
is this cabinet
door?" She looked up and caught herself slightly embarrassed.

"It's in here," she said as she walked toward the kitchen.

"You don't need to be embarrassed," Brian said.


"You don't need to feel uncomfortable if you want to look. That is
what this is all about.
You are free to enjoy this any way that you like. As I mentioned
earlier, I enjoy doing
what gives you pleasure. If that is just fixing your cabinet door
while you watch, then
great. I assure you, I will enjoy wondering what you are thinking
about." Doris reached
out to a cabinet door and turned.

"You are a charming guy," she said.

"I'm just me."

"This is the door. You see, it doesn't close all the way. It's been
like that for over a year.
Drives me crazy. So, what if I want more than just to watch?" Brian

"You're the boss. As I told you, this is your chance to let your
inhibitions fly out the
window." Brian grabbed a screwdriver from his tool belt and opened the
cabinet door.
Doris stepped back and sat down at the table.

"Okay then," she said. "I would love to see you without those @jeans."
Brian turned around
and smiled. He put his screwdriver back in his tool belt.

"Just the @jeans?" he asked.

"For now." Brian reached down and untied his boots. He pulled is boots
and socks off
and then loosened his belt. He turned and unzipped his pants so that
Doris could watch.
She fixed her eyes on his hands. With a gentle tug, his @jeans dropped
to the floor. He
pulled them free, leaving behind only a pair of tight fitting gray
briefs. Doris could see
his erection pushing against the fabric. "I see you do get enjoyment
from this," she said.
"Take those off though." Brian pulled his briefs down and set them
over with his @jeans
and boots. Doris smiled to herself, and sat back in her chair. She had
never had a man
strip at her bidding, and she was amused at the pleasure that had come
over her. Brian
turned back and retrieved his screwdriver. She watched without a tinge
of reservation or
discomfort, knowing that the show was for her pleasure. His legs were
well built and his
butt firm. Doris let her hand tickle her upper thighs through the
light material of her
shorts. She watched as his muscles flexed while he turned the
screwdriver. With only a
few turns and a couple of test closings, Brian announced that he was
finished. He turned
and Doris let her eyes fall on his erect member. She watched it gently
move with his
heartbeat and then glanced up to his face. She could see his eyes were
fixed between her
legs. She realized that her own hand had not stopped rubbing up and
down the central
seam of her shorts. She glanced down and noticed a small spot of
moisture on the white

"Would you like me to help you with that or would you rather I just
watch?" he asked.
Doris didn't say anything. Instead, she stood up and undid her shorts.
With a quick pull,
her shorts and panties dropped to her ankles. She tossed them aside
and sat back in the
chair. She pulled her knees up out, opening herself up to this man who
now stood in her
kitchen. Her hands dropped to her thighs and she opened her legs
wider. She glanced
down to see her lips open and moist.

"Stick out your tongue," she said. Brian smiled and slowly licked his
lips. "That is the
next tool that I need to you use," she responded. Brian walked to her
and dropped to his
knees. Doris closed her eyes and leaned her head back. "Now, Mr.
Handyman. Let me
see what you can really do."


Oct 19th @ 7:06pm EDT

Mental disorders are the cause of 30% of the disability from diseases. In many cases, the suffering of having a mental illness adds social rejection by ignorance and ignorance that has society on these diseases. Ending this rejection is one of the objectives pursued with the celebration, on Wednesday October 10, the World Mental Health Day, and whose motto is the best investment. Your mental health.
"Come in the right direction," said Ana Mato, Health Minister yesterday, but acknowledged that much remains to be done. In his view, "the perception of the mentally ill has changed." Faced with the patient's vision as something that should "isolate and hide" Today, "with the help of professionals and proper treatment can lead a full life." In this change, has praised the role of the family, "a key to coping with illness and rehabilitation of the sick."

The minister explained that because of the high incidence of mental illness and the fact that those who suffer, in many cases, develop physical health problems and the high cost social, economic and family makes "work to promote good state of mental health is the best investment we can make. " Mato stated that "at least 9% of the Spanish population suffers from some form of mental disorder," and up to 15% will develop it at some point in their lives. Of the three million people with disabilities, one in ten is suffering from some mental illness.

Cost of mental health

El Conde Que Vino De Otra Parte

Oct 14th @ 2:03am EDT

El peculiar conde de Saint-Germain (alquimista, diplomático y aventurero) llevó una vida muy movida por las cortes reales de la Europa del siglo XVIII. Algunos creen que sigue todavía vivo...nnHacia finales del año 1745, Londres fue asaltada por la «fiebre de los espías». Fue el año en que el joven pretendiente, príncipe Carlos Eduardo Estuardo, desencadenó su rebelión de los jacobitas en un intento de recuperar el trono británico para su padre. A pesar de que la causa jacobita había sido derrotada, se temía que los conspiradores jacobitas y sus simpatizantes franceses pudiesen estar ocultándose en Londres. Uno de los sospechosos fue arrestado en noviembre y acusado de estar en posesión de cartas que apoyaban a los Estuardo. Muy indignado, sostuvo que aquella correspondencia le había sido «endosada» y, sorprendentemente, se le creyó y fue liberado.nnComentando el caso en una carta dirigida a sir Horace Mann, Horace Walpole escribió: «El otro día detuvieron a un hombre extraño que se hace llamar conde de Saint-Germain. Ha estado aquí estos dos años, pero no dice a nadie quién es ni de dónde viene. Admite sin embargo que éste no es su verdadero nombre. Canta y toca el violín magníficamente, está loco y no es muy sensato».nnEl comentario de Walpole describe con gran acierto a uno de los personajes más extraños de la alta sociedad del siglo XVIII: un hombre al que el conde Warnstedt tildó de «charlatán, loco, atolondrado, pretencioso y timador», y al que su último mecenas, el príncipe Carlos de Hesse-Cassel, consideraba «quizás uno de los más importantes sabios que haya existido jamás».nnEl primero de los escasos datos históricos acerca del conde de Saint-Germain se remonta aproximadamente a 1740; un elegante hombre de unos 30 años comenzó a frecuentar los ambientes vieneses de moda. Su vestimenta llamó la atención en aquella época de moda colorista y fantasiosa, puesto que normalmente vestía de negro, con la única excepción de vaporosos cuellos y puños de lino blanco. La sobriedad de su vestimenta, sin embargo, contrastaba notablemente con el brillo de los diamantes que llevaba en los dedos, en la faltriquera del reloj, en la cajita de rapé y en la hebilla de los zapatos. Según informaciones posteriores, también llevaba puñados de diamantes sueltos en los bolsillos en lugar de dinero.nnEn Viena conoció al mariscal francés de Belle Isle, que había resultado seriamente herido durante una campaña en Alemania y estaba muy enfermo. No se sabe cuál era la naturaleza de su enfermedad, pero según el mariscal fue el conde de Saint-Germain quien le curó. Como agradecimiento se lo llevó a Francia poniendo a su disposición unos apartamentos y un laboratorio bien equipado.nnLos hechos fundamentales de la vida del conde después de su llegada a París sí son bien conocidos, pero son los detalles que ignoramos los que confieren a su vida un misterio permanente.nnEl príncipe Carlos Eduardo EstuardonLa leyenda empieza poco después de la llegada del conde a París. Según las memorias del pseudónimo «Condesa de B...», tituladas Chroniques de l'oeil de boeuf, una noche el conde acudió a una fiesta organizada por la anciana condesa Von Georgy, cuyo difunto marido había sido embajador en Venecia por los años 1670. Al oír que anunciaban al conde, la condesa dijo que recordaba el nombre de cuando ella estuvo en Venecia. ¿Acaso el padre del conde estuvo allí por aquella época? No, contestó el conde, él mismo había estado allí, y se acordaba muy bien de la condesa: una hermosa y joven muchacha. Imposible, replicó la condesa. El hombre que ella conoció entonces tenía por lo menos 45 años, aproximadamente la misma edad que el conde tenía en aquel momento. «Madame», dijo el conde sonriendo, «yo soy muy viejo». «Pero entonces usted debe tener casi 100 años», exclamó la condesa. «No es del todo imposible», replicó el conde, exponiendo algunos detalles que convencieron a la condesa, la cual exclamó: «Me ha convencido. Es usted un hombre sumamente extraordinario, un demonio». «¡Por el amor de Dios!», exclamó el conde con voz de trueno. «¡No pronuncie estos nombres!» Le sobrevino un temblor o calambre por todos los miembros del cuerpo, y abandonó la sala inmediatamente.nnMuchas historias parecidas circularon (y fueron creídas) en los ambientes de moda franceses durante los primeros años en que el conde fue famoso. Afirmaba, por ejemplo, que había conocido íntimamente a la Sagrada Familia, que había asistido a las fiestas de las bodas de Caná, y que «siempre supo que Cristo tendría un mal final». Sintió particular admiración por Ana, madre de la Virgen María, y había propuesto personalmente su canonización en el primer Concilio de Nicea en el año 325.nnEn París el conde fascinó muy pronto al aburrido Luis XV y a su favorita, Madame de Pompadour. Quizás nunca se sepa la verdad acerca de sus dos años de estancia en Inglaterra antes de su arresto en 1745, pero es muy posible que se le hubiese confiado una misión secreta. A su regreso a Francia realizó para el rey varias gestiones políticas delicadas.nnEn 1760 el rey Luis envió al conde de Saint-Germain a La Haya como representante personal, con la misión de negociar un préstamo con Austria para ayudar a financiar la Guerra de los Siete Años contra Inglaterra.nnMientras estaba en Holanda el conde se enfrentó con su antiguo amigo Casanova, también embajador en La Haya, quien se esforzó, sin éxito, por desacreditarle en público. Sin embargo Saint-Germain se ganó también un enemigo más poderoso. El duque de Choiseul, ministro de Asuntos Exteriores del rey Luis, descubrió que el conde había hecho sondeos con la intención de firmar la paz entre Inglaterra y Francia. El conde tuvo que escapar, primero a Inglaterra y luego a Holanda.nnDurante dos o tres años vivió en Holanda bajo el nombre de conde de Surmont, dedicándose a recoger dinero para construir laboratorios en los que fabricaba pinturas y colorantes, tratando además de perfeccionar las técnicas de la alquimia, «el ennoblecimiento de los metales». Al parecer tuvo éxito, puesto que desapareció de Holanda con 100.000 florines aunque sólo para reaparecer en Bélgica, esta vez haciéndose llamar marqués de Monferrat. Allí, en Tournai, puso en marcha otro laboratorio antes de desaparecer de nuevo.nnLa ilustración muestra la ceremonia de ingreso al primer grado de la masonería, según el rito escocés, en una logia de París en 1740. Extendida en el suelo hay una pizarra, utilizada para enseñar a los nuevos miembros el simbolismo de la masonería.nEn el transcurso de los años siguientes se sucedieron las historias procedentes de varios lugares de Europa acerca de las actividades del conde. En 1768 apareció en Rusia en la corte de Catalina. Turquía acababa de declarar la guerra a Rusia, y parece ser que su habilidad como diplomático y conocedor de la política francesa le ayudaron a mantenerse en buen lugar, puesto que al cabo de poco tiempo fue nombrado consejero del conde Alexéi Orlov, jefe de las Fuerzas Imperiales Rusas. Como recompensa fue nombrado oficial del Ejército Ruso, eligiendo en esta ocasión un irónico alias: general Welldone (en inglés, general Bien-hecho). En este punto podría haberse establecido en Rusia y llevar una vida honorable y provechosa, pero después de la derrota de los turcos en Chesmé (1770) decidió partir.nnEn 1774, apareció en Nuremberg, intentando obtener fondos de Carlos Alejandro, margrave de Brandenburgo, para instalar otro laboratorio. Esta vez pretendió ser el príncipe Rákóczy, miembro de una familia de tres hermanos de Transilvania. Al principio el margrave estaba impresionado, especialmente cuando el conde Orlov visitó Nuremberg con ocasión de una visita de estado y abrazó al «príncipe» efusivamente. Sin embargo, al hacer comprobaciones el margrave descubrió la identidad de Saint-Germain. El conde no intentó nunca desmentir la acusación, pero consideró prudente emigrar, cosa que hizo en 1776.nnAunque el duque de Choiseul afirmaba que Saint-Germain había trabajado como agente doble para Federico el Grande, una carta del conde de Saint-Germain a éste pidiéndole su mecenazgo no obtuvo respuesta. Sin perder los ánimos el conde se trasladó a Leipzig, presentándose ante el príncipe Federico Augusto de Brunswick como francmasón de cuarto grado. Esta acción fue muy arriesgada, puesto que Federico Augusto era Gran Maestre de las Logias Masónicas Prusianas, pero al conde de Saint-Germain pocos podían comparársele como embustero y embaucador: por regla general sus historias de fondo soportaban un escrutinio detallado. Esta vez, sin embargo, no consiguió su propósito. El príncipe declaró que no era un masón, a lo que el conde replicó sin mucha vehemencia que sí lo era, pero que había olvidado todos los signos secretos.nnEl príncipe Carlos de Hesse-Cassel, el último mecenas del conde, y en cuyo castillo murió.nEn 1779, el conde de Saint-Germain fue a la última residencia que se le conoció, en Eckenförde (Schleswig), Alemania. Era un hombre viejo (probablemente de sesenta y tantos años), aunque como es natural pretendía ser mucho más viejo. Parte de su encanto superficial había desaparecido, y al principio no logró impresionar mucho al príncipe Carlos de Hesse-Cassel, pero muy pronto éste quedó cautivado, al igual que sus predecesores.nnPor esta época Saint-Germain, que según todos los indicios se había mostrado muy insolente respeto a la Iglesia Católica, tenía ideas marcadamente místicas. Al príncipe Carlos le dijo lo siguiente:nn«Sé la antorcha del mundo. Si tu luz es únicamente la de un planeta, no serás nada a la vista de Dios. Reservo para ti un esplendor para el que la gloria del Sol es una sombra. Guiarás el camino de las estrellas, y los que gobiernen los Imperios deberán ser guiados por ti».nnDocumentos de París muestran que el conde de Saint-Germain murió el 27 de febrero de 1784 en la residencia del príncipe Carlos, en Eckenförde. Fue enterrado allí, y su último mecenas le erigió un monumento funerario con la inscripción:nn«Aquel que se hacía llamar conde de Saint-Germain y Welldone, y del que no hay otras informaciones, ha sido enterrado en esta iglesia».nn¿Estaba muerto de verdad el conde? Hay pruebas de que se apareció a un cierto número de personas durante los años comprendidos entre 1784 y 1820; algunos ocultistas creen que todavía está vivo. El misterio ha sobrevivido y se ha hecho más profundo durante los dos siglos transcurridos desde su supuesta muerte.

Nuestro cuerpo se expresa, sabemos escucharlo???

Oct 12th @ 9:24pm EDT

Como seres humanos nos manifestamos a través de nuestro cuerpo físico, el cual nos permite movernos en esta realidad, interactuando con el medio que nos rodea durante nuestra estadía en la vida terrena. Este es el templo que aloja nuestra alma, que nos vincula y nos comunica con el exterior, pero que también tiene su voz interior manifestándose a través de cada uno de sus órganos, estando estos ligados íntimamente a nuestros sentimientos y pensamientos, quienes son los responsables de modificar su funcionamiento.

Si observamos la reacción de nuestro cuerpo ante una emoción de felicidad o alegría notaremos que nuestro plexo solar se expande, nuestra capacidad pulmonar aumenta, teniendo la sensación de expandir nuestro pecho, muy por el contrario ante una emoción o sentimiento de angustia, el pecho se cierra se contrae manifestando una opresión y disminuyendo la capacidad pulmonar.

Los órganos van descifrando nuestro sentir y se expresan acorde a ello.

Dando las señales necesarias y poniéndonos sobre aviso de que algo debemos modificar, solo tenemos que saber escuchar.

Teniendo en cuenta cual es la relación de cada órgano con nuestros sentimientos, nos será más fácil identificar que nos está ocurriendo y en donde debemos enfocarnos para restablecer el equilibrio.


Este órgano de vital importancia está directamente relacionado con el primer contacto de vida, la inspiración y con el último contacto la expiración .Por consiguiente es de donde tomamos la vida al inspirar y la entregamos al exhalar, es dar y recibir rítmicamente en un orden perfecto, manteniendo los dos polos de la dualidad equilibradamente.

La respiración está relacionada a nuestra libertad, cuando no podemos respirar, es porque en verdad nos cuesta dar el paso hacia nuestra libertad, por el contrario cuando salimos de una situación de agobio hacemos una inspiración profunda porque hemos exhalado esta situación de nosotros y obtenemos nuestra libertad pudiendo inspirar plenamente. En la respiración distinguimos este proceso.

Contracción ___________ Relajación

Tomar _____________ Dar

Contacto ______________Repudio

Libertad ______________ Agobio

Las dificultades o las enfermedades respiratorias o pulmonares están íntimamente ligadas a nuestra capacidad de inspirar o tomar la vida tal cual es.

Debemos revisar la comunicación, seguramente tenemos la necesidad de hacernos oír, hay algún área de nuestra vida que está siendo sofocada y debe manifestarse.

Toda afección o problema nos habla directamente de nuestros sentimientos y de la capacidad para expresarlos, a veces nos forzamos más allá de los límites emocionales, nos olvidamos de nuestras propias necesidades, en satisfacción de los demás, para sentirnos amados.

Si observamos algunas frases que hacen referencia al corazón, veremos que están vinculadas a la emotividad o a las situaciones emotivas.

Me salta el corazón de alegría" del susto se paró el corazón". Se me sale el corazón del pecho" lo tengo en la garganta" me oprime el corazón". Al referirnos a una persona que consideramos sin sentimientos decimos no tiene corazón".

Podríamos decir que el corazón es el centro de nuestro ser, de hecho está ubicado en centro de nuestro cuerpo ligeramente inclinado hacia la izquierda y regido por el hemisferio derecho del cerebro quien gobierna o dirige nuestros sentimientos. Incluso cuando nos señalamos a nosotros mismos ubicamos nuestros dedos sobre El.

Está ligado directamente al Amor, al igual que los pulmones trabaja rítmicamente, en un latir bitonal, es dar y recibir, un intercambio que mantiene el equilibrio perfecto.

La recomendación es *AMARSE A UNO MISMO*.


Esta directamente ligado a nuestra capacidad de asimilación de las situaciones o acontecimientos en la vida.

Es la capacidad de aceptar o digerir a una persona o situación. Al padecer una afección estomacal debemos revisar nuestra intolerancia y temor a lo que no es de agrado, la resistencia a las ideas nuevas, dificultad para adaptarnos a algo a alguien que va contra nuestras creencias en sus hábitos y manera de vivir. La crítica interior interrumpe la comunicación con su corazón, no dando paso a su verdadero sentir.


Está a cargo de descomponer y de almacenar y reconstruir la materia. Si la vida de una persona se desmorona, y no puede llevar a cabo la tarea de reconstruir, entonces se acumulan sensaciones de sobrecarga, sobre-exigido, lo cual puede generar bronca, odio y resentimiento. Mucha gente de hecho están sobrecargadas por las circunstancias de sus vidas.

Este órgano nos marca, nuestra capacidad para re hacernos a nosotros mismos, reconstruir y regenerarnos a cada instante, este proceso de reciclaje o transformación necesita de toda la flexibilidad, aceptación a cada circunstancia de la vida, recordemos que nada es estático que todo está en constante movimiento y en ese ir y venir nos vamos regenerando a cada instante.


Los riñones ayudan a mantener el equilibrio del volumen y la presion de los liquidos corporales Involucran emociones y son el canal procesador de agua más importantes, es aquí donde se almacena los temores resultantes de traumas, dañando la vitalidad de la persona, bloquea su motivación y su entusiasmo. Cuando el temor se almacena en los riñones, el individuo se hallará incapacitado de manejar situaciones emocionales futuras. Estas afecciones se manifiestan en personas con falta de discernimiento o incapacidad para la toma de decisiones.


Delgado: Es el encargado de transformar los alimentos en nutriente y transmitirlo a las células del organismo. Los trastornos en este, están directamente relacionados con la incapacidad de retener y absorber todo lo bueno que se presenta en su vida, las persónanos que padecen estas afecciones, normalmente tienden a rechazar situaciones, solo por ver los detalles que no les son de su agrado aunque ellos sean mínimos en las situación global.

Grueso: Las afecciones en este tienen que ver con las personas que le cuestan deshacerse de viejas ideas o creencias que ya no son

Necesarias (estreñimiento) o rechazan rápidamente los pensamientos que podrían beneficiarlos (diarrea).

Los intestinos nos dan un mensaje claro, aprender a nutrirnos de buenos pensamientos, aceptando las buenas ideas de prosperidad y valoración para nuestra vida, dejando ir todo aquello que ya no nos hace falta en el momento presente.


La columna vertebral es el eje de nuestra estructura ósea, conductora de nuestro sistema neuronal, ella es el sostén del cuerpo, la encargada de mantenernos erguidos, por consiguiente está vinculada directamente a la voluntad.

Nos da solidez y flexibilidad para realizar nuestras actividades, levantarnos, agacharnos, acostarnos, estirarnos, encogernos, etc. acomoda cada una de sus vertebras acorde a nuestro requerimiento y VOLUNTAD.

A medida que nuestros pensamientos se vuelven mas rígidos , ella va tomando esa rigidez, disminuyendo nuestra flexibilidad, lo cual va limitando nuestros movimientos.

Si observamos a personas que tienen actitudes firmes veremos que mantienen la columna recta, la cabeza erguida y el plexo solar expandido

Podríamos decir" va con la frente en alto", por el contrario cuando hay una voluntad débil, la columna se curva, los hombros se cae y la cabeza se inclina hacia el piso en una actitud de sumisión o derrota.

Las problemas sobre la parte lumbar están relacionados con la seguridad, con el" tener", con las cosas materiales aquellas que nos dan apoyo, seguridad y sostén, cuando los miedos a las perdidas o a la escases aparece sintiendo la falta de control es allí donde se manifiesta.

Los problemas sobre la parte alta o cervical están ligados a la inseguridad afectiva, son personas quienes hacer es importante, manifestando su afecto a través del ello, basando así su seguridad. Sintiéndose queridas cuando alguien hace algo por ellos.

Cuando los dolores son persistentes se transforman en la excusa perfecta para no hacerlo todo, esto debido a su propia sobre exigencia en la manera de manifestar afecto.


Es una articulación fundamental, encargada de mantenernos de pie y en perfecto equilibrio, permitiéndonos caminar o avanzar hacia nuestro objetivo.

Está íntimamente ligada a la energía creativa, su flexibilidad expresa los sentimientos de libertad personal, con lo cual en la etapa de adolescencia comienzan los primeros sentimientos de separación de los padres, la sexualidad, las expectativas, la definición del rumbo a seguir, es donde puede no desarrollarse adecuadamente, en particular cuando se rinde al control de los padres y no se halla la propia dirección.

Los dolores frecuentes, marcan dificultad para decidirse, para pasar a la acción, miedo a comprometerse con algo o alguien donde los resultados pueden ser inciertos, falta de confianza en sí mismo.

El mensaje es claro, confiar en nosotros mismos, siendo flexibles a los cambios, aceptar y decidir sin miedo a los errores, ya que somos los responsables del rumbo de nuestra vida.


Son las encargadas de trasladarnos de llevarnos hacia donde deseamos

Están ligadas a nuestra capacidad de impulsarnos, avanzar en la vida y en la forma de hacer frente al futuro.

La pierna derecha está en relación con el futuro y la izquierda con el pasado, cuando tenemos dolores en ellas revisemos bien cuales son las causas que no nos permiten avanzar, sea por miedo al futuro incierto o por algo del pasado que debemos dejar ir.


Son el sostén en nuestra vida y los encargados al igual que las piernas de ayudar a trasladarnos. Ellos están en contacto con la tierra y esta representa simbólicamente a nuestra madre.

Los problemas surgidos en ellos, nos marcan que debemos mantenernos arraigados en el "AQUÍ Y AHORA" teniendo confianza en nuestra intuición y la conexión con el universo.


Están íntimamente ligadas al dar y el recibir, cuando existe un problema en ellas, es que algo debemos parar, ya que son encargadas de múltiples labores y es ahí donde identificar la situación entre el Dar y el Recibir.

Estos desequilibrios están ligados a nuestra fuerza de voluntad, o la imponemos o la cedemos, SUPEREGO O BAJA AUTOESTIMA.


Une el cuerpo con el chakra laríngeo, está ligado a la voluntad, la capacidad en la toma de decisiones acorde a nuestras necesidades

Cuando las decisiones son del orden de estructuras rígidas, de enojo, broncas, es donde se produce el desequilibrio, trayendo múltiples trastornos, como calcificación en los huesos e incluso desarrollar artritis.

Todo lo que proviene de la mente rígida.


Gobierna nuestro sistema inmunológico, es aquí donde se aloja el temor.

El miedo hace que retrocedamos en muchas ocasiones, perdiendo la integridad de la situación (achicarse ante la situación) cuando esto sucede quedamos expuestos a la entrada de virus.


Almacenan pena y nos lleva al complejo de víctimas, ¿peleo o me escapo? Siempre creen que hay algo ahí afuera que se va a apoderar de ellos, y los está persiguiendo.

Cuando no están dispuestos a soportar amorosamente una experiencia emocional dolorosa, esa persona reacciona como si el mundo fuera responsable por su experiencia dolorosa, y se olvida de que cada persona es responsable de su propia creación, de su vida.


Aquí se aloja la pena reprimida, porque al experimentar pena o dolor, puede ser una puerta o un portón hacia una conciencia superior, después de que los juzgamientos de las glándulas inferiores son transmutados.

Aceptando amorosamente el dolor, esto permite que nosotros experimentemos la dualidad, libera toda la parte del juzgamiento y ayuda a la glándula pituitaria.

La dualidad representa lo correcto e incorrecto, lo bueno y lo malo, lo positivo o lo negativo, a todo nivel.

Es importante y necesario consultar con los profesionales de la salud, hacer todo tipo de chequeo y estudios, que ayuden a mejorar nuestra salud.

Pero es de gran ayuda, saber en que área nuestro cuerpo se está expresando, para darnos el mensaje de que algo debemos modificar, cuanto más nos conocemos, más fácil es identificar aquello que nos esta dañando, de esa forma seguramente podremos encontrar las respuestas necesarias para revertir las situaciones.

something that makes me happy!

Oct 11th @ 7:52pm EDT

It's not news that the Nobel Prize in chemistry is related to topics of biochemistry and molecular biology, especially related to biomedicine, rather than pure chemistry topics.
As a good example, as happened with L.F. Leloir, by Nobel Chemistry 1970, mainly given by the elucidation of the biochemistry of certain sugars biosynthesis in cells.
First focalicemos workplace and curriculum of the winners, and finally the issue. Not least, because this type of research comes from scientists successful groups, consuming research money for long periods and need stimulating environments, as well as being very competitive. Comparisons are a little obnoxious, but it's good to know what the gap separating us.
Who are. Lefkowitz works at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Duke University Medical Center, Duke University in Durham (USA) and Kobilka at the School of Medicine, Stanford University, Palo Alto, (U.S. ). Stanford University is ranked 3rd and the 35th Duke in the world ranking ARWU.According to Lefkowitz Scopus (database used worldwide to measure the performance and impact of scientists) has 785 publications in international journals and more than 57,000 total citations and individual works that have been cited more than 600 times, with a rate h 102 (h in Scopus index is indicative of how many times an author is cited).
Kobilka has over 200 articles, 18 000 total citations, individual papers cited more than 500 times, with an index of 60 h. To be indicative and for reference, a researcher in the area in our country is considered as very important and recognized when it has more than 80/100 jobs and a greater than 15 h / 20).

Dorm Room Bliss

Oct 7th @ 9:02pm EDT

Lisa sat in her dorm room, bored as hell. Her roommate had gone for the weekend, and her best friends were at a game a couple of towns away. She would have gone, but she had a huge test the next Monday for which she needed to study. Now she was alone, on a Friday night, drinking cheap wine. She\'d probably had three or four glasses and was feeling mighty nice. She decided to turn on some music and dance. She stripped down to her bra and panties and started going. She\'d been dancing for at least fifteen minutes when she heard a knock at the door. She turned down the music and looked out of the peephole. It was Shelly from down the hall. Lisa cracked the door open a bit. \"Hey Shelly, what\'s up?\"

\"Oh, nothing,\" Shelly said. \"I was bored and heard your music. Cam I come in?\"

\"Uh...\" Lisa stammered, taking note of her barely dressed state, but Shelly shoved open the door and pranced in.

\"Nice outfit, Lisa,\" she giggled, looking at her peer\'s large breasts and shapely legs.

Lisa was embarrassed and tried not to show it. \"Eh, I was just dancing...\"

\"Nah that\'s fine,\" Shelly laughed. \"It\'s not like you knew you\'d have company. But while I\'m here...\" Shelly trailed off and moved toward Lisa.

\"What are you doing?\" Lisa asked, backing up until she was against her bed.

\"We\'re in college, let\'s experiment!\" Shelly smirked, pressing her slim body against Lisa\'s.

Before Lisa could respond, Shelly\'s lips were against hers, prying them open. At first, Lisa resisted, wondering what the hell was going on. But then, she gave in, thinking why not? I\'m drunk, bored and lonely...she started to return the kiss, letting Shelly\'s hot tongue dart in and out of her mouth. Shelly\'s hands were all over Lisa\'s warm body, squeezing her breasts and cupping her tight ass. Shelly\'s leg came between Lisa\'s, prying hers apart and riding up to rest against Lisa\'s quickly dampening labia.

\"Woah,\" Lisa said, pulling away.

\"Relax, Lisa!\" Shelly said, moving away and locking the room door. She then slowly undressed while making her way back to Lisa, until she was also in a bra and panties. Lisa admired the girl\'s athletic and slim body and suddenly felt shy. Shelly sensed this, \"Don\'t worry, I like voluptuous women. Anyway, you have a slim waist and nice legs,\" she said, as she came back to Lisa and sat her up on her bed. She slowly unhooked Lisa\'s bra and let it drop to the floor, revealing Lisa\'s full breasts. Shelly started kneading one while taking the other into her mouth and sucking. Lisa could not believe how good this felt, and she arched her back towards Shelly\'s warm lips and hands. \"Lisa,\" Shelly said, \"Take off my bra would you?\"

Lisa did so, letting it fall to the floor, and began touching Shelly\'s pert breasts. She could now smell the musky scent of the two girls\' sexes.

\"Get on the bed,\" Shelly demanded. Lisa did so, letting Shelly up there as well. Shelly pushed Lisa down and lay on top of her, rubbing her body against Lisa\'s. She then pushed her leg up between Lisa\'s again and started shifting around so their vaginas were rubbing against one another\'s. After several minutes of this, Shelly sat up and ran her fingers along the edge of Lisa\'s panties. Lisa jumped in shock and tried to sit up, but Shelly pushed her back down. \"You\'ll love this,\" Shelly smiled as she rubbed Lisa\'s pussy through the cotton material. Lisa moaned and looked at the ceiling as Shelly slowly pulled down her panties. She could feel the cool air against her wet pussy as Shelly slowly pulled apart her legs.

\"Nice cunt!\" Shelly exclaimed as she blew onto it, sending shivers down Lisa\'s body. Lisa then felt Shelly\'s hand fully against her pussy, moving up and down. Lisa felt strange excitement as Shelly\'s finger entered her and starting slowly moving in and out.

\"You have such a nice tight pussy,\" Shelly exclaimed. \"Have you had sex yet?\"

\"N-no,\" Lisa stammered.

\"Wonderful,\" Shelly cried out as she inserted another finger. With her other hand, she started rubbing Lisa\'s clit. Lisa started writhing with pleasure on the bed. Shelly quickened her pace as she felt Lisa\'s cunt start to tighten with orgasm. As Lisa convulsed, Shelly shoved three fingers as far into Lisa as she could, letting wetness seep out all over. Lisa\'s orgasm finally passed, and she started to get up, but Shelly shoved her down again and pushed her legs as wide apart as she could.

\"NOT YET,\" she hissed, as she brought her face down between Lisa\'s legs. Lisa sucked in a breath as she felt Shelly\'s tongue running up and down her slit. Lisa could not believe this was happening! As Shelly ran her tongue over Lisa\'s clit, she inserted two fingers into her hole, bringing them in and out, and then taking the juices and rubbing them to Lisa\'s tight asshole.

\"Ready for something amazing?\" Shelly asked?

Before Lisa could respond, Shelly slowly pushed a finger into Lisa\'s asshole. Lisa jerked from this strange feeling as Shelly\'s finger invaded this area. Shelly brought her finger out slowly and then pushed it in as far as she could, while her tongue darted in and out of Lisa\'s pussy and her other hand brushed over Lisa\'s clit. This sent Lisa over the edge, and she convulsed in a monster orgasm.

\"Now do me,\" Shelly demanded.

Lisa slowly got up, still recovering from what Shelly had done. Shelly spread out on the bed, putting a leg on either side of Lisa. \"Don\'t worry about foreplay - just make me happy,\" Shelly whispered.

Lisa reluctantly placed her hand on Shelly\'s pussy. To her amazement, it was extremely exciting! She ran her hand up and down Shelly\'s pussy, and then inserted a finger slowly.

\"Faster!\" Shelly exclaimed, starting to breathe harder.

Lisa went for it, shoving three of her fingers deep inside Shelly\'s cunt and then bringing them out. She finger-fucked Shelly for several minutes, but she\'s pussy explode just in Shelly\'s face.....did u like it ???

My hot steamy erotic story

Oct 6th @ 9:19pm EDT

That evening in my birthday my boyfriend (married with kids) has been at work all day and finishes work at 8pm. I know he is coming to see me straight after work to give me my birthday present. He is spending the night with me and has text me to say he wants me to open the door to him with some sexy red lingerie. Just a bra and a thong...nothing else. nnWhen the door bell goes at 8.10pm, i rush to the mirror, straighten my hair and open the door. My boyfriend is stood there with a present and a bunch of roses. I grab him and drag him inside and he kisses me with such force and rubs his ... against my pu ssy telling me i look so sexy and tonight he will be giving me the best present ever. I can feel my pu ssy so wet, i know i will get a good hammering tonight. The thought of this sends me wild.nnHe picks me up and throws me on the sofa, he undoes my bra strap and starts tenderly massaging and kissing my nipples. He then sucks my nipples and inserts his finger into my pu ssy. He tells me im so wet and cant wait to screw me.nnWe kiss passionately and he fingers me until im throbbing. He takes my thong off with his teeth and starts licking my pussy and biting my clit. Im moaning so loud...ive been waiting for this all day.nnOnce i have cum, he starts kissing my stomach and i ask him in a sweet voice to take me upstairs. He tells me to be patient as i have another suprise. He said the suprise \'wont be long\'. No-idea what his suprise is and because im feeling so horny, i undo his trousers to reveal a hard big ... I start kissing it and sucking on it. He screams and moans with pleasure and tells me he is cuming, i place his ... near my boobs and he cums all over them. He then sits back and i sit on his lap, he starts rubbing the cum all around my bo obs and starts licking them. The pleasure is great...nnA few mins later, i hear another knock on the door. I look at my boyfriend and he smiles. Who can it be?nnI open the door naked and my boyfriends best mate is there!! Oh My fantasy will today come true.nnHe leans towards me, pressing my bo obs and kisses me on my lips. Telling me i will have the best night tonight. He holds my hand and leads me to the living room where my boyfriend is now naked. My boyfriend comes towards us and they both starts touching me and kissing me. The \'friend\' pushes me against the dining table and i lie on it. He starts kissing my body and then makes his way down. He licks my pussy again, sending me wild. Whilst he is doing that, my boyfriend is kissing my body and sucking my nipples. I feel like im in heaven. Once i have been licked, he comes up and starts kissing me, i can taste my pus sy on his lips and it makes me want to kiss him more....if you want to know what happens next PM me!!!

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